Sunday, September 2, 2018

how to be tribal-post 1 of 2 today

post one of two today
Before I start, I want to say that this is an article pointing out how every one of our brains is wired.  It is NOT directing any hate or animosity at one person.  I hope you all follow the wonderful postings by Raconteur Report Blogspot.  The man is THAT good.  Of course, like the brilliant Thomas Gold, when he is right he is SO right, but when he is wrong he really is wrong ( Gold is pretty much one of the poster boys for belief in the mineral source for petroleum, a theory full of issues not because it couldn’t be correct but because it ignores the replenishment rate problem ).  RR was and is the only sane voice over the Ebola issue ( see August 24, 2018, for a for instance )
He has much more to say about everything and is a true master of the intriguing and interesting rant.  I season my teaching with rants.  I don’t hold a candle to him, as he seasons his rants with teaching.  I love the guy, I really do.  I would buy him a beer if he ever showed up here ( no damn way I’m visiting California ).  But when he is wrong, he is epic.  To hear him blame all the ills of California on the hillbillies and Oakies who came over during the Dust Bowl is hilarious.  But that is minor.  What wrongness he excels at is being a member of the Yankee Tribe.
It took some reading to figure it out, but the man never met a Republican Party fascist he didn’t like, nor a genocidal practice from the Lincoln brigade he didn’t approve of.  This was over the course of more than a few comments I made at his blog.  And it is his blog and I respect his work.  So I make my comment and try to be as polite as possible, and then I let him have the last word.  I don’t think I usually comment on his comments.  I have my say, hoping against all hope that someone, hell, anyone, can see how illogical certain beliefs are and then I just move on. 
Obviously, all blogs are Echo Chambers.  I try to respect that.  When I’m over at Cassandra’s I try to hold my tongue not agreeing on Gore Warming.  It would be like someone coming over here and going on the assumption that voting matters and Fracking Oil will last for a century.  Anything you say after that just means you pretty much reject the other basic truths I hold self-evident, such as frugal prepping.  So, yes, to a certain extent everyone has SOME blinders on, preconceived-notion-wise.  I get that.  I try to play by that rule.  I don’t try to win arguments as much as comment on particularly erroneous concepts I simply cannot ignore.
For instance, if you want to believe in Gore Warming, yo, whatever, dude.  Just don’t pretend that the scientific community is really in complete agreement on that ( supposedly unless they are paid off by Big Oil-which, BTW, hasn’t been a real thing for decades.  The Shrunken Seven Sisters don’t amount to dingus compared to state owned oil ), or that they base it on real science.  I might have a thing or two to say otherwise.  I try not to hurt anyone in their delusion bubble ( because we all live there, myself included ), but some things are just such a lie filled lump of offal I have to disagree.
RR Dude made the following statement.  “I reject the concept of Innocent Southerners”.  This was in response to my asking how many innocents Lincoln killed ( after he had gotten done rim jobbing the Republican Party ).  Does this stick in anyone else’s craw as it did mine?  I won’t go on for two additional articles about the unjust Northern invasion, how the Bill Of Rights specifically gives states ALL rights not specified as belonging solely to the federales.  I won’t bore you with how slavery was Constitutional, and how the North granted that legality just to get the free and independent southern states to sign the Constitution, giving up some of their rights granted in blood to enrich some northern elites to begin with. 
I won’t argue about how the northern industrialists got rich indirectly off of slavery.  I can say all of that and more and if you don’t agree with anything other than Republican propaganda ( the same brainwashing used to globalize your job ), you’ll just reject it all out of hand.  What I would instead ask you is how do the majority of Southerners who never held slaves end up being guilty?  Even if they were “seditious”, a blanket term for anyone who dared fight for states rights against the rights of the Federal Government-a problematic term I’m sure most of you would agree to disagree with, many, many more were in fact completely innocent of any wrong doing other than picking the wrong location to live in.  Old women, young children, and slaves ( yes, there were plenty of violence against slaves by the Blue Bellies )-how could they be considered guilty?
They were guilty of belonging to the wrong tribe, and that is it.  No other sin was committed.  Now, you know I preach about violence being directed against other tribes.  I don’t disapprove of that in the slightest.  If RR Dude was intellectually honest, he would just say, hey, Might Makes Right and screw the innocent and infirm.  I could accept that.  I would applaud him for being an upright standing member of the Yankee Tribe.  God Bless you, Sir, for you will make a fine warrior for your tribe.  I mean, he did.  He is.  By being able to demonize all innocents for the sin of being Not Him, he will gladly smite those wicked in defense of his people.
What I cannot approve of is a tribal warrior pretending to be logical and just when he is merely just believing a myth.  When my son joined the Crotch, he responded to my concerns about the imperial occupation of the oil fields with “meh.  I just want to go kill stuff”.  I can respect that.  It is honest.  He wasn’t draping the clock of righteousness over himself.  He wasn’t pretending he was fighting evil or saving Christendom from Muzzies.  He just wanted to kick ass and take names.  He wasn’t trying to deceive others, or more importantly, himself either.  If you are going to preach through a blog, one expects preconceived notions and particular paradigm’s defended.  But one should also not be completely blinded by a particular mythos.  One shouldn’t let facts be discarded out of hand.
If you are going to do Bad against Others, fine.  If you are enriching yourself at the expense of others, whatever.  Just don’t piss on my leg and tell me it is raining ( a Southernism, rather apropos here I believe ).  If you are getting ten times the amount in Social Security as you ever paid in, don’t tell me you deserve it and you earned it.  No, you were just early in on the Ponzi Scheme.  Now it is coming right out of the pay of the young ( well, not really.  It is more likely borrowed.  I’m making a point here ) who will never get any of it.  You are in on the theft.  Hey, enjoy that.  You got lucky.  But “earned” it?  Come on.  Don’t blind yourself and don’t lie to me. 
Now, besides being righteously pissed, do I have another point?  Just this.  Every single douche lick out there?  They all think just like RR Dude.  You are not of the tribe.  You cannot be innocent just because of that very fact.  You deserve to die.  They will help kill you.  They will lose zero seconds of sleep, unless your smoldering corpse produces an unpleasant smell that offends them.  I can go on all day long how evil Leftists, or Social Justice Warriors or commies will kill you for being White.  You probably accuse me of hyperbole.  But here, I am pointing out how one of “us” is blinded by tribal mythos.  You have just as much to fear from people “on your side”, in the coming civil conflict.  Plan accordingly.  Guerrilla war-and thank you ‘Ol Remus for the Nugget ‘O Wisdom steal-always has more casualties amongst the allies than from the enemy.
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  1. I was trying to figure out what the site was about and nearly blinded and driven mad by all the flashing neon background. Good lord! It probably subliminally just brainwashed me. Thanks, he said sarcastically.

  2. Why the political class of the fUSA Empire won't fire the big nukes on foreign cities:
    "The problem for us is that their survivors would be Russian..." hahahaha! Rural Russians have long memories and lots of sons. There would be Russian survivors in the fUSA as well. All of these rural survivors should get along fine by sw radio.

    Duh-ave September 02, 2018 12:41 PM

    @16 The number of large cities don't matter. Given the size and topography of Russia it would take so many nukes to kill them all that the entire world would perish. Taking out their few large cities would purify their population just as them taking out our Blue counties would purify ours. The problem for us is that their survivors would be Russian and our survivors will be fighting for survival against our current in-resident invaders.

  3. Having my money stolen all my working life and not being able to use as I see fit,He'll yeah I earned every scrap I can recover from the government(I mean thieves).

    1. Nothing wrong with stealing from a thief. Gov or central bank.