Friday, August 25, 2017

ass talking

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m happier than a sixty year old politician in an orgy at the implant clinic that Hilary didn’t win the election.  No politician is any more powerful than the Elite allow ( they know better after Kennedy, even for someone as retarded as Obammy-all those Negro quota diploma’s didn’t learn him nothing-he understands not to displease his masters, a quaking dog staying off the porch ), but unless they disabled The Football and replaced it with an amusing Speak & Spell while nobody was looking, some batcrap crazy ass psycho bitch like Hallucinating Hilary could get into office and not be seduced by interns, dazzled by speaking fees for ghostwritten books or be at all worried about assassination since they are dying of a brain tumor anyway ( was that how her first carpet licking buddy Janet went?  I can’t remember ), and then we are all even more humped that usual, aren’t we?  Yet as the last cheers die from sore throats and the last confetti is swept away, except on college campuses where the color of your skin or the lack of dangling genitalia alone qualify you for high office, as happy as we all are It Was Anyone But Hilary, you have to admit Trump is dumber than a box of rocks.


A year ago he was talking about the stock market being in a bubble but now is taking credit for a great economy, as proven by the even higher stock market.  Only an idiot would associate himself with that floating turd someone sprinkled sparkles on.  Then, after some noise about how our nuclear arsenal ( you know, that thing that replaces our dysfunctional military as a deterrent ) being allowed to go far too long without maintenance which might make most of it nonfunctional, he has his Tweeter Aid send off a message that he upgraded the entire nuclear arsenal this last six months.  After all he did was demand a report on its condition which isn’t even done yet.  And only Sweet Baby Jesus On A Big Wheel alone knows what other peals of idiocy dropped out of his ass while I was vainly trying to not pay too much attention.  Now, Trump could just be another in a long line of Bozo’s pretending to steer the USS Titanic, or he could be playing the fool as he vacuums up all the spare change left over from the bankers looting, the Presidency his last post-bankruptcy get rich quick scheme ( “Against HILARY?  How could I loose?  We can do this cheap on a one year loan from Vinnie” ).  It doesn’t matter. 


The important part isn’t even that Trump will do NOTHING.  If he is an idiot, he can’t fix anything and if he is a crook he won’t do anything to divert his attention from Getting Paid.  No, the takeaway here is just this.  They are all idiots, not because of education or mental capacity but simply because they have no friggin idea that all their solutions to problems can’t work since they are looking through the wrong lens.  And me and you, we would be idiots for paying them much mind.  But we would also be idiots if we looked through the same reality construct that they are.  Which we frequently do.  It isn’t necessarily their fault or our fault, as that was the reality from Day One of suckling at our mommas teat.  That was the world we grew up in.  After five hundred years, twenty plus generations, reality is as reality does was no longer about experiencing, testing and observing reality but simply accepting it as what it once was.  I don’t know that any generation is ever all that different, once the grandparents who were boots on the ground to a different age died off.  I’m getting old, but I still make fun of old people, yet at least they sometimes serve the purpose of keeping paranoia alive ( today they are so focused on golf they might as well be the Presidential Recreational Committee ).


You don’t have to be smart to see a different reality from the common perception, you just have to be cynical, hateful, mistrusting and dissatisfied with official lines.  Hell, if it took smarts to look into this crystal ball, you wouldn’t be reading anything from me right now.  All I know is they always lie and they hate me, and then it is easy to figure out the rest.  Yes, I take the collapse personally.  Look at five years ago, give or take a football season ( if you are a sports fan, which I emphatically am NOT, preferring the reading part of the Circus in Bread And Circuses, you can look back a few years and see how incredibly dysfunctional even sports have become, as further proof of systematic collapse ), at the couple of years prior and our weather scare.  We had a drought lasting more than one season, globally, and since the last twenty years we have seen emergency stockpiles of grain get used up to make up for production shortfalls ( not to mention the outright triage of calories to a lot of areas-hello?  War, anyone? ), a drought in ALL the grain producing regions was a pretty big Gott Damn deal.


Did we learn anything from that?  No.  We only learned that the can keeps getting kicked down the road.  Every swinging cheese dingus out there, everyone reading this, should have been paying attention to that event.  Food Is First!  Not AR arsenals or FLIR scopes.  What, you think a FLIR scope used to go hunt a squirrel yielding 200 calories is the best way to spend two grand?  Two hundred THOUSAND calories of wheat cost $40, even at the increased price after we just lost a big chunk of one regions yield after a freeze ( did you panic about that?  Not because that in itself is reason to worry.  But because it is part of that twenty year trend, where the population and resource line cross over on the graph ).  For the price of one AR you could buy a shotgun and almost a ton of wheat ( before containers ).  You need four hundred pounds for a years bare bones Better Than Nothing, Keep You Alive For Hunting Or Gardening Or Fighting minimum diet food stash.  Four years food and a shotgun, or a Pretty Pony Plastic Poodle Perforator.  Why does the AR always win out?  Not because you are stupid.  I’d wager, from the occupations of almost all of my loyal minions, almost every single one of you is smarter than I am.  Because you listen to the propaganda, the non-stop background noise, and stop thinking once you’ve subliminally heard “the can was kicked down the road”.  You are not retarded, you just aren’t paranoid enough. 


It doesn’t matter that we look at Trump and think, what a humping retread.  We listen to his message and obviously discount it, but then we get sidetracked by another Noisy Signal ( one most folks seem to be buying into is The Immanent Muslim Invasion Meme, or reading my far less enlightened fellow blog authors, North Korea EMP Attack Minutes Away ) which also burrows into our subconscious to stage an attack from the other flank.  On the one hand you get “discount idiots” and on the other you get “all the boys are crying wolf” and what emerges in your subconscious is “Cassandra’s Are Idiots”.  So you keep acting the Good Consumer, buying AR’s and FLIR’s and don’t have years and years worth of food ( perhaps months and months ).  The AR’s are used frequently at the range, and you need ammo and mags and AR Accessories which keeps you working and consuming. 


You don’t even realize it and you are part of the flock of prepper sheep, long ago corralled and made passive by the establishment, reduced to a sub-niche consumer group used as a profit center ( zombie books, $100 buckets of instant soup and oatmeal costing $7.54 total for the manufacture ), yet with visions of militia ninja’s bravely fighting those who profit off of you.  Go give them another good quarterly profit ( he sarcastically writes as he trolls for monthly donations to support this publication ).  Again, this isn’t a matter of anyone lacking intelligence or common sense, but just a reflection on how we are controlled and programmed.  It takes constant diligence and effort to work around that, and most of us simply can’t do that and raise a family and work for a living.  Which is why I believe it is important to distill this down to cheap essentials, one time insurance investments.  If I can just get you worried enough for a short enough period of time, a one time hyper-focus, one off event, you can use their consumerist paradigm to your long term advantage and then go back to living life as usual, reading this for entertainment or the occasional reminder of needed tweaks to the system.  You don’t need to STAY paranoid, that is my job.  You just need to fight against their system for a short time.

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  1. Yes, all that doom porn recently was pretty entertaining. It was 2005 all over again.

    Now if you think of it, Fear Porn is made for people to flock around those who have power. Neither Trump nor Hillary have had any power, and both represent hysteria, "non-sustainable" political views. Their more extreme wings (antifa & alt-right) seem to be rent-a-mob people and generic weirdos.

    If mobs would get a bit more dangerous you would have favelas and ghettos, and some select "protected" areas for those in power. The power is not going to protect you unless you have something valuable to bargain (and nobody is going to help you developping it, trust me I'm a teacher, everything valuable is being done by oneself by hard work and listening to the teacher if the social makeup of the classroom is not beyond salvage and he can still teach a bit).

    So the new political landscape is not about who is going to be in charge, it's pretty obvious now that the State is well run, by specialists. Only it's not run in your interest but theirs, which actually makes sense (more than anything else actually).

    Political upheaval, statues being destroyed etc. is just another notch in what can be inflicted to your own community. First they destroyed universities through SJW and Safe Spaces, next are schools and your own local history, until you have no identity left and you're just as valuable as your Chinese Foxconn slave.

    Npow as always, you are what you do, not what others tell you to be.

  2. You know that I read your blog primarily for the entertainment factor. Yet once in awhile , you or a minion commenter fills in a blank space for me. No one man can possibly think of everything !
    Jeez Louise , we only have a tiny 900 sq ft house. The master bedroom is stacked to the ceiling with buckets on two walls and another fifty buckets are stashed around here and there lol. The second bedroom/man cave is stuffed with guns, ammo , bows ,arrows and other outdoors survival equipment. No I don't own a FLIR scope...but I do have a gen one NV monocular hee hee. Got more knives than a sushi chef too.
    Still , we keep stacking food !
    Don't need any more ammo...
    Always more food ! Don't have a clue how many years worth either. Just know, it's alot.
    I'm screwed if I ever decide to relocate back west. It would take a freaking semi , just to haul the preps lol.
    Good thing we did it all before my body got all fubar...
    Take Jim's advise minion's...ya never know when that personal SHTF events gonna happen.

    1. So, you stick around for the occasional thrown bone, and don't live your life to read me daily? Damn, a lot of that going around :)

    2. Of course I read you daily old buddy !
      In fact you are one of the few which I do.
      Certainly never read Mr. Redoubt tho...
      Somehow reading you never gets old.

    3. Okay, thank you. You KNOW how fragile my ego is! :)

  3. Why does the AR always win out? ....almost every single one of you is smarter than I am.

    Because the question is retarded and you don't seem to get it.

    The AR is NOT winning out except in some additionally retarded circumstances.

    People that are only interested in AR's have no idea in the world about anything prepping, for them everything is business as usual. They also have the $700 iPhone, the $800/mth vehicle payment and the $6 Starbuck daily fix. They just don't care cause they just don't know.

    Then there are us that are prepping in all ways and we also have AR's because we recognize the worth. You like old guns. Fine, that's your thing, and I won't insult you over that. But for reasons that just don't make sense to me you just go on and on and on insulting everything AR, especially the braindead idiots that you think are the only people that own them.

    If I've learned anything at all in my 30 years online it is that no one has ever convinced anyone their gun was no good, ever. It simply cannot be done. When a person buys a gun there is a deep emotional attachment to it and that cannot be severed short of the gun itself having a manufacturing defect that cannot be rectified. I've had one of those, an Iver Johnson .32 auto that was sent back to the factory twice and still was not reliable and was traded in on a .22 Beretta Bobcat.

    In a way when a dood buys a gun it has become part of his overall personna. NO ONE is going to change his mind.

    The best you can do is up-talk your old gun theory to convince others to investigate further. But, in the case of people that have ample money to purchase whatever they want it will be a hard sell. Sorry, thats just the way the market rolls.

    FWIW, my current best gun is my brand new AR15 in 5.56 and every one of the 83+ individual parts, plus all of the accessories, was exhaustingly researched, then microscopically inspected, then hand assembled by me from scratch after doing hundreds of hours of education and research. At this moment it has had over 800 rds put through it and as of last week will put 3 rds in a target 100 yds away that can be covered by my thumb, and it has not been cleaned yet. No jams, no misfires, nothing but perfect action even after 800 rds. This is my race gun, my battle rattle, and I'm pushing it til it breaks for I want to see what it's ultimate capability is.

    I have been shooting firearms since the age of 4, 58 years now, currently own about 38 guns of all types, have 20,000+ rds of various ammo, and every accessory you can imagine and when I see another kick in the ass to all AR owners by someone STILL consumed by envy I just shake my head, again.

    1. If the point I was making doesn't apply to you, then it can't even be considered an insult or a silly point. Look, I rag on the AR, the SUV, the McMansion and the Trophy Wife. I never said the AR is a terrible gun, per se, just terrible in the role it was used for. If you want accuracy and spare parts after the collapse, it really is the only gun available. I even included it in the upcoming article on guns with bayonets. Yet in another article I disagree with your premise of "you're worth it so spend what it takes on firearms". I love the Enfield, but see all its faults. I don't like the AR but I see all its attributes. I cover most things from both sides. Bugging out, remember that one? Hate the concept, still discuss how it might be done. You need to look at my body of work as a whole, and don't take a once off as a for instance. I recently mentioned the same thing you just did, that everyone loves their own gun. So the AR comments are mostly held up as an example of Yuppie Scum Survivalism. If someone makes that work for them, without the blinders of "money solves all problems", good for them. But the majority of folks are only able to afford BTN, redneck survival. These are my prime readers. Most gun articles aren't about changing your arsenal, although that certainly is a good strategy if you are too poor and need a rifle and lots of ammo rather than just the rifle. The articles are mostly for those still choosing. Bottom line, it might takes weeks of ragging about the AR before I flip over the coin, but I eventually cover the good things about them. Please, take the writing less individually. Peace.

    2. So far as the , I'm worth it thinking.
      Myself I'd much rather invest in an HK or Sig Sauer piston operated weapon.
      800 rounds put through a gun on the range, without cleaning. Does not come close to one day of combat in the woods. IMHO
      At one time the .303 Enfield was a fine weapon for the bucks. Now days tho an older Rem 700 in 06 or .308 makes more sense. I've seen them quite often
      for around $250-300.
      Probably better off with older single shot if your so poor not to afford better.
      We must keep in mind who your target audience is.
      But like I said, even us old hands can learn much from the fair haired one.

      No one reads background like you !

    3. >> In a way when a dood buys a gun it has become part of his overall personna.

      This is why, in the BIC approach, one shouldn't be too invested in one's firearm int he first place. Something inexpensive is not as dear (to your heart) as something expensive or valuable.

      The closest concept I have found to the BIC approach for firarms is the truck gun. Another way to go is the moderately bubba'd rifle that still has all its critical parts intact (especially the load-bearing ones).

      In Europe, rifles are so hard so get these days (permits etc. but also a non-fluid market, high prices and a dwindling numbers arms dealers) that every piece of armament is somebody's "precioussss".

    4. I’m probably one of the few readers that you have, that gets where you’re coming from with regards to the bolt/single shot guns. My two most used guns ever were a Stevens model 9478 single shot 12ga, and an old Remington single shot bolt .22 that I got as a kid in the early 70’s for $5. That Remington was an antique when I got it, and you could barely see the remaining rifling. I can’t even give a good reason for it, but those two guns were the first that I always reached for, even after I received my fathers 10/22 under the condition that I give the old Remington to my brother. He lent it to a neighbor, they moved away, and we never saw that gun again (Same brother that gave away his Enfield to a friend from the bar).

      That being said, I can see how under certain conditions you might need more firepower. For example, in the next biggest city that’s closest to my area, it’s a common trend for Asian gangs to kick down doors and rob other Asians. Apparently the Asians are not trusting of the banks from the old country, so they keep all of their money at home over here as well (not living up to the smart Asian stereotype there, now are they). It’s in close combat situations such as this, in which a semi-auto pistol would be the superior choice vs a bolt gun. Of course a shotgun would be even better still, and more usable for more than just home defense.

      The previous paragraph under consideration, such a scenario is highly unlikely. In other words, you’re correct in your bolt or single shot assertion far more than you are wrong.

    5. My only complaint was the ongoing rant about the AR, I have no complaints about all the other stuff Jim writes about, in fact, I enjoy most of it and have left compliments on some things.

      It seems his only experience with anything AR related is 40 year old memories of wore out Army M16s. Like most everything else that has been manufactured for 60+ years the AR platform has went through countless improvements and the one currently in my possession bears little semblance to the M16 I carried more than 4 decades ago. If this thing was a vehicle it would be an NHRA triple AAA fueler.

      I have plenty of guns and have owned guns most of my life but it was only recently that I decided to get a battle ready firearm and most people here know why. In the broader spectrum I don't see anything out there more capable than what I now have. That is my opinion and you know what say about that. When TSHTF I won't grab my century old shotgun or my 70 year old deer rifle. I will grab what I believe will save my life the best way.

      As far as the fear some hold of delivering too many rounds erroneously (spray and pray), if you like what you do you will do it well and I like to shoot guns, so I don't believe I will be emotionally over run and waste all my rounds needlessly. I've never been in a situation where I had to shoot guns to save my life so I could very well be susceptible to what you say, but, being made aware of such a thing (thank you very much) my solution is not to scale back my firearm but to invest in even more ammo. If my life is not worth everything I can do to prevent it from being taken then what is the point of everything I have done in my life to this point?

      We all get to go straight to hell at lightspeed in our own custom made rocket sled of our choosing.

    6. I probably need to acknowledge the advancement of the AR beyond the A1. I think I have mentioned that I understand the weapon I fired in Basic was the worst of the lot but I simply couldn't overcome the experience anyway. I should have no problem in accepting your argument that the system is vastly different, just from my experiences with the two types of Lee-Enfield. The second had better sites, a much better barrel and a better gunsmithing advantage in several ways. If the Enfield did improve markably from one to the next, why not the M16, right? I am barely coming around, as the Enfield is for all practical purposes no longer available and the choices come down to the SKS or AR. Let's see what the minions think on the AR bolt action. It's an evolution, shaking prejudices.

    7. >> my solution is not to scale back my firearm but to invest in even more ammo

      You do what you want, but the solution to a low MPG car is not to fill it up more frequently.

    8. It's not filling it up more often, just getting a bigger gas tank :)

    9. I am actively researching old guns and will most likely get one before the year is ended. I will be looking back over your past posts for info pertaining to this.

      Fukkit, I'll just ask here and now.
      If you had your choice of 1 old bolt gun what would it be? 2nd choice?

      Do not discount the AR. There are a lot of people out there that seemingly have littered them up with all sorts of doodads but those folks can be dismissed. Because of my previous military experience, and also because I am much older now, I wanted a down and durty light weight rifle I could carry all day if necessary. When you're 60+ years old a half a pound here or there makes a diff so I purposely kept mine light - barely over 6 lbs without scope and bipod. Both the 1-6X scope and the bipod are connected with quick release mounts. It has Magpul flip up hard sights. It also has an adjustable gas block that has reduced the recoil to almost nothing resulting in much quicker recovery time for follow-up shots.

      I sold the cheap used $400 AR I bought earlier this year to a kid down the road, at a loss but I just wanted it out of here. Once I learned how they work I realized a $400 AR is substandard in my book. I have an extra barrel and bolt carrier group as they are the parts most susceptible to wear and tear. I also have plenty of the smaller parts too, springs, pins, etc. All in all the venture was more expensive than I originally thought but then, all of my *hobby's* have been that way, the diff is, this one might save my life, and I get quite a bit of entertainment from it too, so there's that.

      Lastly, because I am not wealthy, I purchased all of the AR parts over about a 4-5 month time period as money became available. In between part orders I did constant research into all things related to this venture. I'll prolly build another one in 7.62 with a rifle length barrel.

    10. I only have done research in military bolts, and I'm sure that is not what you meant. I know minions are much more knowledgable in the civilian bolts as far as makes and models. Minions? Bueller?

  4. Jim,

    The guy that loves his AR has been reading the wrong blog. You don't have to apologize or explain anything to him. If he wants an AR, an SUV, fancy scopes, or anything else - good for him! Your blog has always been oriented toward the person or family that can't afford lots of fancy equipment. You've always taken a, "Better-than-nothing" approach to preparing, and that suits most of us just fine. As you said, "Nothing wrong with an AR" assuming you can afford one. Those of us who can't afford, or don't want an AR will look elsewhere, and your blog presents us with alternative solutions.

    Thanks for providing us with an alternative to the "Big Bucks" solution to prepping. There are plenty of other blogs out there that cater to the big bucks crowd.

    1. Well, yes, actually I DO have to explain myself to him. He's been here awhile and always been polite and helpful. If he was just a dingus, I would agree, but he's been cool so I'm trying to repair any misunderstanding.

    2. If you mistook me for a yuppie well, that's YOUR mistake.

      I drive a 27 year old truck I bought brand new in 1990 for $8,888. I collect SS as well as work part time at my own business. My wife and I eat our 1 meal a day for usually less than $4 a head. We never venture out of the sticks after say 2pm and our daily entertainment is sitting on the front porch here in the hinterlands watching the wildlife. We watch almost no TV and associate only with well known tribe members.

      However, I will spend whatever it takes, and do whatever it takes, to defend myself and mine and the monetary cost has nothing to do with it.

      It's all about priorities.

      That you would use the word "love" in describing a gun does more about describing you.

    3. I think the term "love" for a gun is no quite literal. We love what it can do for us. I mean, what's not to love about defense and if not the reality than the ideal of it providing freedom. Things can get a little heated here, and I do few favors with my caustic style, but I think over all it remains rather civil. Hell, you never know, I might have to go with an AR if I actually age enough I can't handle the weight or recoil of a young mans battle rifle. I will of course be eating crow on that one, should it pass. If we make it that long which I have my doubts. For you, that means doubling down on your perfect weapon. For me it means being happy enough with a prior investment, as time is perceived as short. Neither is wrong, I only side with the more common condition of average investment income being modest. I'm afraid with some, or most, money is an object. Hopefully I cover that fairly in my upcoming article-apologies in advance if not.

    4. "Hell, you never know, I might have to go with an AR if I actually age enough I can't handle the weight or recoil of a young mans battle rifle."

      Next thing you know, you'll be buying a pick up truck and a chainsaw! ;)

      Idaho Homesteader

    5. "...if I actually age enough I can't handle the weight..."

      Lemme tell ya something there young man. I believe you are about 10-12 years younger than me. You are roughly the same age I was when we moved here to the woods 11 years ago. Then, I was spry and had no problem taking on all of the challenges that were presented by living here in the wild. I did numerous additions and remodels to our house and built my entire stand alone 24'x36' garage/workshop/office with just 1 other guy as a helper.

      By about age 56 things started falling apart for me physically. As I aged I didn't gauge my behavior accordingly, I continued to act like a young man and it caught up with me a couple times. Also, behavior I practiced long ago started taking it's toll. I didn't know it at the time but being a paratrooper did irreparable damage to my knees and entire lower torso. Now, my knees are trashed. Kneeling down to tie a bootlace is out of the question because if I do that and try to stand up unsupported my right knee will come completely out of joint. Talk about painful. So I do everything possible to avoid it. It's a total hor when your age and past behavior comes home to roost. And it seems to come down pretty quick too. Never turn your back on future options.

    6. Oh, I'm already getting a taste. Ten years of heavy lifting at work, digging all those holes, etc., and I'm slowing down right quick and it kicks me in the ass immediately if I try to "cowboy through it". And I'm sure I'll be sharing your knee issues shortly as I took a good beating in basic. Nothing like your repeated abuse, but it will leave some damage. Plus, I've seen the decline in my dad, who was far more of an athlete than I ever was. No argument from me on the suckage of aging.

  5. I saw some crap on facebutt the other day about going to talk to a neighbor to show just how the media is painting a false picture, showing Americans as divisive. I could agree but this was from one of those right wing crybabies! Crap what idiots. The real problem with tribalism is it creates idiots. I got to hear how wonderful life was for the small businessman because of Trump. Stupid, we are still running on Obutter your asses economy which is exactly the same economy Bush had. I think an AR is for stupid people, and I'm surrounded by stupid people, so I got one for them. As for me I carry a good book and a led light. I'll crawl out of my hole when you all are done "socialising"..

    1. It might seem that tribalism creates idiots, which is true to a degree because they are unthinkingly reactive. But that is good long term, survival wise. We have the option of logical thinking now but it will NOT be rewarded in the future.

    2. Ya I know but I just had to push that button! A tribe and family supporting each other is something I don't see much. Our culture has collapsed before our economy. We have the option of logical thinking, but most of us will pass.

    3. While it pays to be unsupportive, alligience to the far flung imperial city, that is what we will see. The Mexican immigrants here have held on to their family ties quite admirably-something that I admire. Kind of makes it hard to dislike as a group.

  6. Bison,
    In your comment above you mentioned an AR bolt action. You can get those, but if you wanted a manual action, I'd get an AR pump. TROY makes a good one, accurate, but I think it has some proprietary parts. There's at least two conversion uppers I've seen, spring assisted as the buffer tube spring forces the fore end forward so you can run it fast if necessary, but you can't pull the trigger in blind panic.

    Mr. Ghost,
    If you read this, specifically which barrel did you use in your AR build?
    Thank you,
    Peace out

    1. This is where it sucks when I write too far ahead. I'll be mentioning making your own. You SHOULD be able to hack the gas port ( valve? ) as a cheap and easy turn to a single shot.

    2. All of my upper receiver parts are by Black Rain Ordinance and purchased from Primary Arms ( ) and the specific barrel I chose was: Black Rain Ordinance BRO-SPEC-BRL-16-CM4150 16" M4 profile 4150 Chromoly barrel 1:7 twist $199.99

      All of my lower parts are by Spikes Tactical and were purchased from Tombstone Tactical ( ).

      Magpul and Troy provided much of the rest. Barska 1-6x32 scope ( ), less expensive on amazon.

  7. Yes, Jim's arguments about bolt rifles are correct, and I would add that they are easy to clean.I have had bolt failures, but they are rare. BUT, the people who argue for the AR are also right, even given that they are much more maintenance dependent. I've never fired an AR until it quits. I had it pounded into me at PI that you clean your weapon every chance you have. My experience supports that principle. And I have a large collection of spare parts: Oh so many extractor springs

    I am utterly convinced that if your life depends on a tool you maintain it as new, insofar as possible..

    So, having lots of money, I have several ARs, set up for different purposes, even, God help me, a 20" barreled Delta equipped with a FLIR, for killing feral hogs in my meadow at night. An 80 grain bullet properly placed at 200+ yards does the job and feeds my dogs for a week. I don’t particularly like the sight, for it is clumsy and slow, but it does a job no other tool I have available can do.

    I do not recommend it to anyone. Especially since the rifle has to be dedicated to the sight. When I walk my property I carry (in addition to my always pistol) a light weigh, most reliable AR with an ACOG. We have lots of illegals around here, and they have been known to plant hidden crops of marijuana on private land. Be prepared, and all that. I’ve even had a couple of acres clear cut by illegals. I heard the chain saws in the distance but did’t image they would be on my land.

    Note that when I hunt dangerous game, I would most certainly use a bolt gun, altho a double barreled rifle in fifty or sixty calibre gives the fastest second shot, they are too pricey for me.

    But I do like the attitude on this site that we should focus on results and how to get them as parsimoniously and effectively as possible. Parsimony is a virtue in my life. All the trade-offs considered.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. See, guys, I told you my attitude didn't suck! :)

  8. Since this topic is all about AR rifles :)
    A guy at the range told me this the other day : if I have to spend that much money to get a good AR, I might as well get myself a Heckler & Koch.

    I have an HK SL8 myself. I like how the two pals at "In Range" try to reinvent the SL8 (optics-only etc.) in their "What would Stoner do?" series.

    I appreciate the SL8 but not for survivalist reasons. Like all semi-autos it is much too expensive for that (a 500 EUR Vz is already too expensive for survivalist purposes if you have to factor in the ammunition).

    1. If you have to spend that much for an AR15, why not get an AR10? Of course, I don't know enough about them to actually make that choice, my point being you could afford almost any other rifle.

    2. >>my point being you could afford almost any other rifle.

      Yes exactly that. Once you go over a certain budget the number of configurations become exponential. You could do an article (wink wink) about how to spend 1,500 USD on survivalist weapons and get wildly different results (5,000 USD would be even crazier).

      The question is not "how much is your life worth ? 1,500 ? 5,000 ?" as much as "what expense in weaponry is justified ?" which is something different.

      For instance : I wouldn't spend the money for an SL8 & its ammunition for the survival of a not very sportive, 43 year old teacher like myself. He wouldn't use the weapon to capacity, thus I could not justifiy the expense.