Friday, July 1, 2016

usa #1 part 3 of 3

USA #1 part 3

Plenty of places around the world have plenty of empty spaces.  The Gobi, the Amazon, the Outback, the Tundra.  The American West isn’t exactly unique in giving you oodles and gobs of empty spaces where the government won’t bother looking for you unless you are on a Wanted poster on a wall in the Post Office.  If they do set their sites on you, you are screwed.  They will spend millions of dollars-satellite feeds, agent overtime, helicopter and plane time, etc.- tracking down your ass and then thirty grand a year putting your ass in prison until you die of AIDS or tuberculosis or a shiv up your ass ( yes, that is a lot of asses ).   But if you are part of the great unwashed masses attempting to escape detection, preferring to avoid FEMA Death Camps or being quarantined in a city where the slave traders bribe the troops keeping you in, this country is, off the coasts or away from a major waterway, full up of empty spots.  Those spots won’t necessarily feed you but they can hide you.  Half the geological space wasn’t settled by Whites until after the Industrial Age and everything is set up as an infrastructure relying on carbon fuel transportation.  In a lot of places, just leaving the road hides you fabulously.


And there is your advantage.  Federal forces are completely mechanized.  They don’t walk, they ride.  When was the last time there was a cop walking a beat?  Even bicycle cops, who are in much better shape than your average cruiser driver, are still just an extension of the regular force-I don’t see too many rural Sheriffs Deputies combing the countryside on bikes.  Perhaps the Search & Rescue on ATV’s.  Most Americans are urbanized AND mechanized.  Even the “sportsmen” are driving to a trailhead or to a lake.  Americans love their cars, and it shows, as few will remove themselves too far from them ( at least there is a slight glimmer of hope as this new generation of college graduates seem to be sharing a common aversion to auto ownership.  The financial costs are simply too great.  Cheap cars starting at $15k, insurance that penalizes you if another driver hits you through zero fault of your own, etc.  I’m sure that is more their PC indoctrination by Al Gore, but at least they can see the cost disadvantage and then use environmentalism as the excuse.


Because of this over reliance on automobiles, most Americans are vulnerable to being controlled and caught, in a collapse caused police state ( even if we don’t become MORE violent and abusive towards our own citizens, there can always be the conflict between the emerging government-gangs and secessionists and such-that you must watch out for ).  If you can stay off the roads you are 90% ahead of the survival game.  More importantly, the government is so high tech and completely mechanized that here in this country if you don’t play to that strength you can defeat them.  Other countries, most others with wilderness, were never so reliant on modern luxuries.  They still can do things, to an extent, the Old School way.  And they have a lot of experience ( for instance, despite having a giant interior and mostly urbanization just on the coast, do you think Brazil was lacking in the means to find its slaves that might be trying to escape [ I believe Brazil was the last country legalizing the chattel industry ] ? ).  Do you think your adopted country doesn’t have the means to find you? 


At least by staying here you can constantly visit the area you plan of fleeing to, hiking and camping a nice disguise for reconnoitering.  Try doing that in a foreign country, initially.  Perhaps after you move there, sure, but that seems like poor strategy to me.  By scoping out the surrounding wilderness you can decide where to live here.  Moving out of the country, you are just looking at what urban area to live in.  I’m suggesting that doing the opposite is better ( best rural determines the urban ).  Even if you are stuck at your current location, you are actually better off than if you were deciding where to move.  Presently you can take each weekend and cheaply and frugally check out the surrounding areas for hides.  Isn’t that better than trying to learn a foreign language and surfing the Internet for the most expat friendly place?  Staying relates to the folk saying “better one in the hand then two in the bush”.  Stop trying to seek elusive perfection, or you might end up worse than before. 


Once the ass falls out of civilization, law enforcement and the military are going to be trying to centralize population ( that is all they know how to do ) and once in your familiar hiding spot they should mostly leave you be.  That is a far better plan than being in another nation bewildered and confused.  Here you know the local Devil.  You know they will be fighting just like they did in Vietnam and Iraq.  Granted, staying or leaving, it is you and your tribe against all the others and the locals are more dangerous than the authorities in either place.  But here you know the culture and the strategy.  Elsewhere, not so much.  Leaving adds vulnerabilities and decreases advantages.
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  1. Lord Bison,
    I have not seen wanted posters in the post office in years. I think the post office/FBI cut the funding.

    1. Or perhaps they just forward the pics to America's Most Wanted for better results?

  2. Agreed to some extent. If you are in the big city move to outside the big city- as far as you can and keep your job. Nothing unusual or of note about doing that. Obviously don't move to snob hill unless you consider that cheap. Move instead to the town that has more trailers than mansions. or the place down wind of the paper mill or slaughter house. Keep it cheap and then center your exploration for your junk land squat on the new residence location. 50 miles from the little bedroom community that is 25 miles from the big city with the jobs puts you at 75 miles away from the big city - a much better hiding area than the one 50 miles from the big city.
    Don't bother trying to move to a really remote rural location at this point if you don't already have some sort of ties to the community. You will stand out like a sore thumb for at least the next decade even if you do your best to fit in.

    1. Better twenty miles from the city than IN the city with dreams of leaving. Time is shorter than you think.

  3. “Most Americans are urbanized AND mechanized. Even the sportsmen” are driving to a trailhead or to a lake. Americans love their cars, and it shows, as few will remove themselves too far from them.”

    The below quote is from the book, “Wilderness Evasion, by Michael Chesbro P.6 (I'm just providing this as a sample guideline).

    “Along This line, however, ask yourself how far away from any
    town you need to be to preclude incidental discovery. I have found
    that moving a distance of two days’ hiking time from town (or base
    areas such as campgrounds and established hiking trails) takes you
    away from almost all casual hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you
    are within a day’s hike of a town you may come across day hikers.
    On occasion you will find people who hike a day into the woods
    and set up a camping area, but you almost never see these people
    making a second day’s move into a wilderness area. Two days into
    the wilderness takes you beyond all but the most avid outdoor
    enthusiasts and people with a specific purpose (e.g., evasion or
    searching for you).”

    “Granted, staying or leaving, it is you and your tribe against all the others and the locals are more dangerous than the authorities in either place.”

    I think that whites are going to have it the worst James. For in addition to being targeted by outside groups, there is now quite a division amongst even themselves. The majority seem to fall into the leftist, Marxist, camp, with the remainder generally falling into the right leaning camp, and with variations even among those few. Fortunately, I predict that the majority of the former, having no faith in their ability to succeed in life beyond the aid of a huge entity, will expire rather quickly following the onset of any major collapse. Or so we can hope?

    1. Ain't no hoping about it. Weak, dependent, illogical specimens shall perish. None too soon to add a bit of bleach to the gene pool.

  4. you do know satellites can see anything ?
    also military, i have heard, has devices that are like superman's xray vision.
    they can see you underground [ branch davidian].
    better hide where they won't bother to look, at least until they've rounded up all the easy pickings.

  5. (You do know satellites can see anything ?) Yea, but why would most of us garner that level of attention. It cost time, money to pay people to watch, computer time and I'm sure lots of other things that eat up time and money.

    Yes if the US government has a bug up it's rear and decides it wants you it will be about impossible to not get found / caught/ killed or stuck in jail.

    But realistically 99.9% of us will never be under that powerful of a microscope. We are just not that important...

    So then it becomes an issue of how to live a life worth living without getting pounded down and living long enough to make it to the old-preppers home.

    The nail that is sticking up gets pounded down. So don't stick up and you will likely do OK.

    I know the isolated places on the planet are good for going unnoticed, but they are usually not too good of a place to make money because there is not enough population to support an economic level that allows very many people to make a living (You know,buy food, pay taxes, that kind of thing.)

    I plan on moving out like 25 or 30 miles with a few years (parents need help, he's 88, she's 86 and in bad health and no one else is stepping up to help them)after my parents move on. I feel this will give me a buffer from the masses should we get what many of us think is just around the corner. And at the same time if things don't go so bad I can still do my work.

    As far as that high intensity government focus, don't do things that put you in a position to get attention. Don't go on-line ranting how you are just waiting to use your AR to defend your home. It makes you look scary and a person in need of being watched. (I see this almost daily on some prepper site where some keyboard commando talks about killing people at 400 to 600-yards.)

    First thing most people could not hit anything smaller then a mini-van at that distance. And secondly government is never going to go away, and killing someone at 500-yards is not self defense, it's murder. And rightly so the government is going to PUT YOU IN JAIL.

    Keep a low profile, don't boast about your supplies, food, 500-yard guns and anything else that draws attention and you have a much better chance of living long enough to once again need to use dippers.

    Chuck Finlay

  6. It's better if you can go out a ways to get away from the undesirables and to obtain true freedom, or at least the maximum amount of freedom that is obtainable today. Places where it gets really cold in the winter time (Think 40° below zero type winters) such as the Dakota's are a good place to start. A place like Alaska has potential, but if you're a single man when you go there, plan on remaining one once you get there.

    Few liberals would ever dream of going to these places for the most part. I would have suggested the south, since from a liberals point of view from the outside looking in, this would be an absolute nightmare of a culture to reside in for them. But unfortunately, they already seem to have their own home grown versions residing in the cities, so if you're planning to relocate there, think in terms of areas like the remote Appalachians or Ozarks. When liberals think of such places, it conjures up images of faggot hillbillies, anal rape, and pig squealing contests. Since this presents a sort of cognitive dissonance for the liberal (It's a part of their doctrine to have to hate rednecks, southerners, and Christians, but they also have to worship the ground that fags walk on) they avoid such areas like the plague ;)

  7. “(You do know satellites can see anything ?) Yea, but why would most of us garner that level of attention. It cost time, money to pay people to watch, computer time and I'm sure lots of other things that eat up time and money. “

    You would think so Chuck? But I do know of at least one instance in which a guy was arrested for living in a national forest. He was spotted by satellite, so I don't rule out anything anymore? If you plan on living on public lands, at least make it a point to move on about once a week or so.

    “As far as that high intensity government focus, don't do things that put you in a position to get attention. Don't go on-line ranting how you are just waiting to use your AR to defend your home. It makes you look scary and a person in need of being watched. (I see this almost daily on some prepper site where some keyboard commando talks about killing people at 400 to 600-yards.) “

    Yeah, tell me about it Chuck. There's this one site that I frequent (Actually a MGTOW site) where there's some guy always spouting off about how he can't wait for another revolution in which to use his firearms. You know the government knows exactly who he is, and is keeping a close watch on him. I would never post such stuff online, not even through the TOR browser, but I'm particularly paranoid.

  8. MGTOW site???

    I mostly do U-Tube for MGTOW, If you feel inclined, what is the web address?

    PS: MGTOW forever!

    Chuck Findlay

    1. “MGTOW site???

      I mostly do U-Tube for MGTOW, If you feel inclined, what is the web address?”

      It's possible that it could identify me Chuck, so I'd rather not say here. Since I've actually dropped this link over there, and recommended this site, some of the followers here might have come from that site?

      Same here with youtube, the Sandman being a daily watch for me. But I've noticed that there are so many out there now, and a good many of them are actually quite good. MGTOW101, Black Pigeon Speaks, Rebel Media (Not specifically MGTOW) etc. The philosophy has definitely picked up a little steam.


    2. No problem,I watch myself on also. (Didn't actually think my name was Chuck did you???)

      I like TFM (Turd Flinging Monkey), Grizzly MGTOW, Terrance Popp, and the ones you mentioned, Toronto Guy is also starting to build a base of listeners.

      MGTOW has picked up steam because the waters are so hostile for men. Pretty much all woman have the potential to destroy your life, they are toxic.

      In a perfect world most of us would like to be married, but reality is such that it is hazardous to your future.

      I went through it once and it took years to recover. I'm 56 now and if it happened again I would likely die from old age before I recovered. So MGTOW it is. And for the most part I have a pretty happy life and am doing well.

      I will do a bit of searching to find MGTOW sites that are outside of U-Tube.

      Did you watch any of the Prager U videos? If anything they have the opposite effect then Brad Wilcox intended. Watch TFM's response to the video, he ripped Brad a new one. Here is the link

      Chuck Findlay

    3. Yes, I've heard of all of those channels Chuck. I saw the Turd Flinging Monkey rebuttal on Prager U and thought that he nailed it! MGTOW 101 and Rekt Feminist Videos, are two newer channels that I recently discovered, and are funny as hell too!

      Sadly Chuck, I do not think that MGTOW will ever fully catch on? For it was men themselves that allowed this train wreck called feminism to take root, and with their full blessings too. In a different time and place, I too would have married, but not in the U.S. today. It's a totally depraved culture, and I wouldn't want to bring children into such a society, even if the family courts were more equitable. I'm not too far behind you at 52, so I'm too old to expat and have a family now.

      “I will do a bit of searching to find MGTOW sites that are outside of U-Tube. “

      I'll give you a clue Chuck. It's one of the sites listed in the link below. Most of them are open sites and do not require registration to view the content.

  9. As far as MGTOW ever fully catching on, doesn't really make a big difference because for almost every guy it's a personal decision, not group-think like feminism is.

    As a MGTOW guy, do you really need pack-mentality or think to never go over to the dark side again? My guess is NO, you just know it's a bad way to go and like most of us, you won't be swayed into shark-infested waters again.

    Chuck Findlay

    1. Like homosexuality, your way is not conducive to group survival and CAN'T ever "catch on" or "go big". A product of the Oil Age, just like The Pill. Or Women's Lib.

    2. James I didn't go MGTOW to insure group survival. I didn't go MGTOW to change other men's minds.

      I went MGTOW because it's too dangerous to get involved with woman these days. They can make things up (tell lies) call the cops and the cops and the courts will believe everything they say with not an ounce of proof.

      They can (and regularly do) take a guy to court and take 75% or more of all he has. And no marriage is not needed for the court to side with them.

      MGTOW is a personal choice made without regard to what other people are doing. It's simply weighting the cost vs benefit and deciding it's not worth the risk.

      It's a rigged game that I refuse to engage in any more. I'm not trying to champion a cause, I just want to enjoy a simple life.

      Chuck Findlay

    3. I completely get what you are saying. I think my point is, society as a whole can't do the same and remain functional. What passes for functional. The fact you and others can successfully employ this strategy, even HAVE to, is another sign of collapse.

    4. Well said Chuck. That pretty much sums up my thoughts as well. With the rape culture hysteria in full force, it's starting to become pretty risky to get involved on an even more causal level any more. The Glu Glu Club scene from the movie Cherry 2000 was scary accurate in its depiction of dating in the future.

      The next several years under president Hitlery are going to be rough my friend, so keep your head low, and your assets secure.

    5. 哎呀!这里的哭鬼真多啊!应当少哭,多做男子汉的样子。(Damn! There are a lot of cry babies here. [You]should cry less and act more like men.)
      A way out of the dating trap is to do it outside of the USSA. If things things go to 狗屎 for you in that foreign country, then you can pack up and move to another country.

    6. Anyone? Is that fuzzy foreigner squiggle something bad like "death to Hilary"? Should I delete this comment?

    7. "Death to Hilary" would be 使希拉里死亡 or 杀死希拉里, though the former could also be translated as "make Hilary die", while the later could be translated as "kill Hilary".
      Keep the comment. The English translation in parantheses is accurate. Do you have Google Translate in the desert? It often sucks for sentences, but often works better for individual words.

    8. I didn't want to get on the wrong side of the new regeme. Pretty sad when Bush Sr.'s rule is starting to look benign.

  10. anonymous,
    at 52, as a male, you are not too old.
    when you are eighty your kids will be in their twenties.
    children, properly raised, are a joy.
    i pray for mine because it is a terrible mess the world is in. may God protect them all.
    don't cut yourself off from the joy unless you think God is guiding you to bachelorhood.

    1. At 51, just thinking about kids makes me tired. I love the little bastards but I no longer have the energy ( I'm in great shape-lifting thousands of pounds a day, plus cardio going to work. But that takes ALL my energy, mentally and physically ). Nor is it fair to the children, you having no energy for them. I stick to non-breeders now. I can't lose financially, but still get companions.

    2. Anon aged 52 here. Thanks for the kind words Deborah. But as stated by James, at age 52, I'm simply too tired to take on such a responsibility at this point in my life. But even if I had the wealth and energy to do so, I am fundamentally opposed to what has become of modern western societies, and could not in good faith bring children into such a society. This only leaves me with the option of expatting to another country, and again, at my age, starting over in a different culture is a little late to try at this point in my life.