Saturday, July 23, 2016

frugal survivalist digest 7 of 10

note: to the magnificent minion who gifted me the books ( FDR/Biology ), they arrived yesterday.  Many thanks!



There are three choices in new, non-war surplus firearms if that is the way you so choose ( I’m all for war guns, but I’m pretty gay for bayonets-covered below ).  The categories in the original book were Rimfire, Shotgun and SKS.  Two of those are no longer valid.  SKS’s used to be affordable but the only thing you can find in that category ( defined as half the price as an AK-47 ) are a few junked Chinese versions.  As the Chinese SKS’s were complete crap even new ( soft wood, soft metal ), $350 for a used one is insane.  And while the same jerk-offs keep parroting the same old forty year line about how wonderful rimfires are, that was still the case ten years ago but no longer.  We’ll need to revise that.  Even the Shotgun category is different.  You used to be able to buy a single shot 12 gauge for $100.  Now they are so much more, while pumped versions keep being reduced in price, you might as well forego the single shot now.


Rimfires used to shoot an inexpensive round.  Ten years ago I bought a cheap Wally rifle and ten thousand rounds of ammo for about $300.  Now it costs about $1300.  You are much better off using a 9mm carbine.  It is cheaper to reload them, even factoring in paying more for the firearm and getting some magazines.  I don’t like semi-auto, but the 9mm uses a thicker case than the .38 ( with its lever action ) so they last much longer reloading.  Both rimfires and pistil rounds have serious range and wounding limitations, but if you are in an area of dense woods or similar, and don’t like a shotgun, and believe a no recoil gun is right for you, do NOT go with the rimfire but the 9 or 38.  Nobody listened to me for the last ten years as I preached Peak Oil, and even fewer listen when I explain Peak Silver/Gold ( ah, DUH!  We are running out, get them while the getting is good if you must-but beware reports of very widespread Chinese fake coins.  If you already own some, don’t cash it in.  The price will skyrocket as the Dollar declines ).  Even less than that want to believe in Peak Copper.  Globally, copper is past peak in production and will both decline even more with silver mining AND with the increased price of petroleum.  Copper equals brass and in rimfire you throw away a product that is increasing drastically in value.  Give up on the things.


I don’t much care for shotguns.  They are affordable and the ammo is cheap ( although not as long lasting I would imagine ) but I can’t hit spit with the things and that is pretty embarrassing no matter who you are.  I think I need regular rifle sites on them-not that it matters too much.  I’d rather spend an extra fifty percent on a surplus rifle.  Yet, if you live in the appropriate environment for short range shooting and like them, right now is a great time to buy one ( note: I write this July 2016 and make no guesses how the election will effect prices or supply ) as they are barely above $200.  I couldn’t find a friggin single shot rimfire rifle under $175 ( okay, granted, it had a scope.  Big whoop ).  No, I did NOT go to Wal-Mart.  I hate supporting them but more importantly EVERYTHING they sell, even brand name, has quality issues.  Trust them with a firearm?  Hell no.  Bad enough I have to beware which firearm company will screw me.


Since the SKS is beyond our budget now, you’ll have to settle for a bolt action hunting rifle or, my preference, a single shot break open rifle ( it sips ammo rather than guzzles, is light weight and has far less to break if it becomes a multi-generational post-apocalypse gun.  Plus, is $50-$100 cheaper than a bolt action.  For the price of one AR-15 you could buy three of these-one in 223, one in 308 and one in 7.62x39 and have very nice options in ammo discount purchasing AND salvaging ).  This option is for those in more open terrain ( even if my location is desert, off the valley floor is all rolling hills and 300 yards is all you really need to worry about ).  While still staying in budget.  The less gun you buy the more ammo you can afford.



I love me a nice bayonet.  If I don’t die right away during the die-off I plan on using them quite a bit.  They save ammo ( why finish off a wounded man with an irreplaceable round?  Why put down a prisoner riot with the same?  Use your imagination ).  If you are REALLY poor, and I would imagine most of us are else why read this, it can replace a pistol as a back-up weapon ( no, nobody WANTS to be attacked by a dog pack armed only with a bolt action and a bayonet.  Your dreams, wishes, desires and wants, AND about $2 gets you a Starbucks regular coffee.  We are friggin poor here, sorry that chaps your ass.  Get used to compromises ).  Clinton, that vicious nasty whore, made it a lot harder to get a rifle with a bayonet, but the war surplus rifles supply them as standard equipment.



Going into the apocalypse with just a knife has got to suck the biggest rabid mule member of all time.  The only thing it beats is NOT being armed.  I’d make a spear from one so at least I had a real weapon.  But knives are great for many things.  Back-up weapons, better than nothing for being armed at all times in gun unfriendly areas, in times of gun control because nobody can stop even novices from manufacturing them ( think of prison shivs ), an indispensable tool for many tasks.  Beware Chinese knives.  They are both using terrible quality metal AND putting poor angles on the edge ( a good quality edge means you can sharpen with a $5 carbide V sharpener.  A poor one means you need a $25 Lansky sharpener with a $17 add on diamond attachment ).  I prefer the $15 Swedish Mora knives ( using carbon steel, NOT stainless steel.  Stainless is bad enough, although good enough for frugal, but those Commie Bastards are using VERY poor stainless steel so you get a combo of “won’t easily take an edge” AND “still rusts” ).  If I can, I like the Indian Kukri’s even better.  Now, THAT is a knife.  And carbon steel.  And big ass and menacing.  They run about $25.



Besides a knife or spear, what are you to do if guns are prohibited all around you?  Besides moving, which might not be an option.  Most advise archery.  Anyone can make bows or arrows and you have a rapid fire weapon.  But they take skill.  Much more than a firearm.  Therefore, I’d only advise a crossbow.  They take slightly more manufacturing infrastructure to assemble, so they aren’t Stone Age primitive like a bow, but they are much easier to use for the novice.  But they are ONLY defensive ( like from firing from a fort ) or for ambushed because of the long reloading times.  Keep those limitations in mind.


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  1. I sent the FDR book James, so someone else must have sent the biology book. So you have another book coming probably next week:
    Endless Enemies: The Making of an Unfriendly World

    Been watching old episodes of Shotgun Slade (I had never heard of him either up until about a week ago). Well ole Slade carries with him a combo gun, rather than the typical Colt Sixgun that are the usual fare in these old westerns. It sort of piqued my interest in these guns once again. What about a 12 or 20ga shotgun barrel combined with a small centerfire rifle barrel, such as a .22 Hornet? I think the small centerfire .22's are a good choice in this day and age of gold priced rimfire rounds.

    1. OK, I guess I ordered the Biology & War book. I lose track. I'll leave a note when Enemies comes in. I hadn't realty thought about centerfire 22's. Not a bad idea for the Forever Modern Gun, as it uses almost no lead or powder. Not sure how it would stack up against the 9mm but I'd be all for a non-semi.

    2. Did a quick search for the combo guns, and there doesn't seem to be much of a market there anymore. I was thinking something like the M6 Scout, which you could get in .410/.22 Hornet, but they stopped making it a few years back.

      For centerfire .22's you could get a .223 (It's a .22 cal) break or bolt action and load it light for small game; hotter for defense or long range. Go for the head to avoid too much meat damage. Get a .22 cal pellet gun for the ridiculously small stuff like quail. You can get the Lee Loader for this caliber. I'm sure if you load them light and cast your own bullets, you can shoot it real cheap.

      I was amazed at how much guns are going for these days. Seems like you can't touch a centerfire rifle on the new market for less than $500 anymore. I'd go used myself.

    3. You should be able to find a new break open for $300 jobber price.

    4. I have a Savage 24, it's a 22 long rifle over a 20 ga shotgun. I got it for free as it was a trade-in at the gun shop at least 25-years ago. It's not a combat gun, but for survival it's a good choice.

      Both of my brothers loved it and had to have one, well the price went up. My gun shop trade in was valued at $65.00 at the time the guy traded it in. One of my brother paid $400.00 for it and the other brother won't say so I know it was more then that.

      The time of fairly priced guns bought from a gun shop is long gone.

      Only person to person are you able to get a good price on a gun.

      Chuck Findlay

    5. Thought that you might find this interesting James. From the wikipedia page on the M6 Scout combination survival gun:

      “Aircrew who preferred the M6 noted that, with the AR-5, an excited user can go through a week’s worth of ammunition in moments, while the user of the M6 is more likely to use proper shooting techniques due to the time necessary to reload after each shot.”

  2. First off NOBODY in their right mind should be buying guns from dealers. Not if you take your future life seriously. There are plenty of private sources out there where NO paperwork is involved, completely legal, and if you know what you're doing or know somebody that is to take along, you'll do well all the way around. While I have plenty of guns from dealers none of them were purchased in the past 12 years. In that time span I have purchased 3 guns from private owners and all were lightly used, in good shape, and cost way less than new. The most recent was a $400 AR with a couple bells and whistles. I've put 500+ rounds through that AR since purchased 6 weeks ago and it has proven itself reliable.

    If you want a decent working knife that tries to be an axe and everything in between take a look at Beckers.

    I own 2 of those and I would rely on it to save my life. It'll take a severe beating and beg for more. I have half a doz of the old VN era (M8?) bayonets like I used in the army in the 70's and I do like them but when push comes to shove they just won't hold up like the Becker. I almost always have at least 2 knives on me. I got this one a couple months ago and it's become my main operator, always clipped inside my right front pocket:

    I also keep a 40+ year old Buck 112 next to my wallet in my right rear pocket.

    Can't complain about the pricing on that current Buck 112. I paid $35 for my old one at a rod n gun club in Wildflecken Germany, the new one is $40. Presuming it has the same quality and materials.

    BTW, if that klintin hor gets in you can expect ammo sales to be registered immediately. Look into reloading equip immediately.

    Notice how everything is going faster and faster?
    Just like a roll of shit paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes. Don't get trapped in the shithouse with the sears catalog, unless you like your skidmarks to go all the way up to your shoulder blades.


    1. I like my tri-blade pick of Mora, Bowie, Kukri. Affordable. Buck gets no support from me. High price with crappy looking sheaths. For $60, I expect my fixed blade to come with a leather holder. I hear you on Clinton. Someone sent me a cartoon. Clinton is in Hell talking to Satan. "I thought you said I'd win the election" "I thought you told me you had a soul"

  3. You forgot booby-traps and trading away blankets from small-pox victims.

  4. 9mmx19mm is the cheapest common centerfire cartridge. It's an OLD cartridge, with global availability. If you want more from 9mm, add a longer barrel then start testing variations on bullet weight, bullet type and powders. A carbine-length barrel on an UZI 9mm firing a 115grain bullet with a "standard" load can be handled by the smallest weakest adults who can walk or carry 25 pounds. With sturdier actions, you can bump up to "SMG" loads that should not be used in normal handguns (sometimes, these are very cheap as IMI surplus, but DANGEROUS when not segregated carefully), even those pistols advertised as okay with +P self defense loads.

    I think that you meant that .357Mag brass is heavier than .38sp, and that a .357Mag weapon can safely fire any (cheaper and lower recoil).38sp cartridge. A .357Magnum cartridge will not fit completely in a .38sp firearm because the case is 1mm longer.


  5. In brushy desert / jungle locales, don't forget the tried and true machete. Tool and weapon. Kukri is a short range chopper, a machete a longer range slasher. Pass on the Chinese crap, look for South American Tramontinas or Gavlilans (Imcasa), way higher quality with only a minor bump in price. If you pay $20 for a 18" blade, you got ripped off - $12 - $15 is more regular.

    1. And don't try cutting sage with a Wal-Mart machete-it won't even dent the thing.