Monday, June 20, 2016

misc. ( post 2 of 2 today )

MISC. ( article two of two today )


From a minion experiencing an error message when trying to log on to this blog, “Update - Turns out this occurs if you are running the popular Firefox add-on “HTTPS Anywhere”. Temporarily disabling the add-on lets your site display as before. Thought you’d like to know in case any other minions encounter the problem.”


Here is a highly recommended book:

Don’t let the title fool you.  Even if he uses the pop-culture of zombies as a framework, this is still about the coming non-zombie collapse of civilization.  The sequel to the above is NOT anywhere near as good, although the first one was so good even the second was good enough to be worth the purchase price.


I was once again drawn into the sordid universe of Kindle Unlimited.   The trick is to stay away from most of the post-apocalypse novels which are putrid slop written by a gaggle of untalented hacks.  If you like your entertainment as I just described it, there are almost eight THOUSAND post-apoc books in Kindle Unlimited alone.  Here is the link:

If you just want to go to the general page with all the KU titles:

If you go to this main page and refine the search on the left side of the page you can go wherever your little heart desires.  I’ve been able to replace a lot of my Buy On Kindle Wish List with the KU.  As well, I go to my paper book wish list and if a title isn’t on KU I just look on the “customers who bought this title also bought…” list on that page and am able to find similar free books.  It keeps you busy until you can afford your next books purchase.  Just expect to put in a lot of labor finding decent books on KU. 


To the minion who suggested I save my previous blog posts, thank you.  The idea wouldn’t get out of my head and I went ahead and paid to get a file on both the James M Dakin and the Bison Prepper to date blogs.  I don’t know what I’ll do with them, nothing I ever try commercially pans out except my Amazon commission sales, but I now have the Word and PDF files for when I need them ( Adobe sells a $25 a year service where you can “cloud” transfer files from Word to PDF or back, and I get my monies worth every year ).   And I’m saving each daily post now, also.  Sometimes you just need a boot on the ass.  Also, a hearty Thank You to the minion who gave me the monthly PayPal donation, which financed the above.


If you recall my heartburn tale, I’ve finally come across the best cure.  It isn’t perfect but it is cheap and healthy.  A cap full of apple cider vinegar in ten ounces of water a day, along with avoiding the worst foods of course, 99% of the time keeps the majority of the pain at bay.  At worst, your supplies run low, every other day or third day works half the time or better.  Great, another thing to stockpile.  Kroger sells a gallon for $5, Wally for $4.


In case you ever wondered, although I have my doubts you ever did, the very top Amazon ad right above the title of each weekdays article is from my list of ordered books, starting back in 2005.  All the rest are related to that title.  So, even if the book turns out to suck, they are all items I spent my own money on.  I’m not just throwing any old crap up there to try to make money.  Not that I’m adverse to that.


Finally, two hilarious jokes ( you might have heard them ).  Rated R for the faint of heart, although I’ll pretty it up to blunt any blatant vulgarity:

1)   Two gays want a baby, so they combine their sperm and pay a surrogate mother to carry the child.  On the Special Day the two men go to the hospital nursery and gaze in on the sea of squalling infants and note happily theirs is the only baby NOT crying.  They ask a nurse why their baby is so happy. “You should have heard him before we stuck the pacifier in his ass”.

2)   Two nurses note that whenever they are sponge bathing a coma patient and get near her privates, she seems to animate slightly.  They talk to the patients husband, timidly suggesting oral sex just might be a way to awake his wife from her coma.  He reluctantly agrees and the nurses leave them alone for some privacy.  A short time later the machine alarms go off and the nurses rush back to find the woman dead.  “What happened?” “Beats me, I think she chocked”.



  1. I am, also, currently paying for Kindle Unlimited. I usually pay for a few months. Read all the doomer books. Cancel and let more be written. Then sign back up again.

    I just finished reading a better than average book --

    "Danielle Kidnapped" by John Silveira

    It's pretty gritty and realistic even though one of the characters has a never ending bunker of survival stuff.

    I also enjoyed "Fuel" by Nathan Jones. (There are some decent sequels to the first book.)

    Currently, I'm reading the second book in a series called "Ashes of the Unspeakable". There are three books in the series.

    Glad to hear that my Apple Cider Vinegar advice is working. ;) Most folks around here prefer "Braggs" Apple Cider Vinegar. It's unpasteurized and contains the "mother".

    Idaho Homesteader

  2. Forgot to add to my previous comment....

    There is a great movie out there called "The Survivalist". It's not available in the US, yet. When I went to visit my sister (she's more computer savvy than I), she downloaded it via Torrent? I think that is what the service is called.

    Either way, it's a great, great realistic doomer movie. I highly recommend it.

    Idaho Homesteader

  3. Frugal survivalism.... HA! Because of you, today my Amazon wish list has 6 more items on it... and the only reason it isn't more is because I already have 3 of the books and 3 more were already on there.

    When are you going to turn pro with modeling that hair?