Tuesday, January 12, 2016

oh I've got a feeling 2 of 2


After thinking about why I was getting an eerie feeling for this new year, and pondering so way too much, I finally arrived at a reason.  Or explanation.  It is basically the same feeling I got in 2007-2008.  The overwhelming urge to panic and run.  Back then, I moved from the city to my palatial Bison Junk Land And Trailer Park Emporium, replacing $400 rent with a $120 land payment.  I wasn’t completely at ease paranoia wise ( that has just been ramping up over the years ) but it eased my blind panic somewhat.  I’m glad I got that gut feeling and acted on it.  It lit a fire under my ass to get things squared away which is still benefiting me to this day.  Understand, I have my daily normal level of fear and unease, and then I have rare Really Bad Feelings.  My feeling that the economy would collapse in 2012 the month after my child support was completed was half sarcasm and half fear and unease, but it certainly was NOT a Really Bad Feeling.  I’m not trying to get all New Agey and silly, and I’m certainly not implying there are psychics with clairvoyant abilities.  I’m merely implying that to my mind our ancient reptilian brain stem consciousness which was a survival trait harnessing the situational awareness animals have may from time to time surface and give you a message and it isn’t wise to completely ignore that. 


And I’m certainly not implying you should just take my word for it and panic yourself.  IF you are also having a Really Bad Feeling, more than your norm, then perhaps this time pay attention.  I don’t process information in a linear straight forward manner.  I don’t study in school fashion to learn.  I’m more organic, consuming vast flows of divergent information and then letting my subconscious pierce it all together.  When I sit in front of the typewriter I relax and allow my brain free reign.  This isn’t how I first started writing, which is why my earlier stuff was more stilted and formal.  It just happened on its own.  It allows me to easily connect the dots on a lot of information.  But I can’t force it.  It happens itself or it doesn’t.  So, either achieving a Zen state on the word processor or listening to my gut feelings, I have learned to trust my subconscious when it speaks to me.  It is my brain connecting information.  Nothing mystical, nothing like flying monkeys or unicorns jumping over rainbows.  After buffet line stuffing on financial information for a year or whatever prior to my 2008 move, my voice was screaming “financial collapse, it’s real this time”.  The last time that voice was so convincing was Y2K, which you might think does nothing to win my case, but for me it was a pivotal point.  Prior to that I was in the “one years food and a gun to get through to the other side” survival camp and afterwards, after Hoovering all that grid collapse information for a couple of years ( when I research, it tends to be in depth, as I only research what I find interesting and I throw my whole attention into it ), I was born again as a proto-total civilization die-off advocate ( to be fully hatched after the Peak Oil research was added on ).  I went from a survivalist optimist to a pessimist.


My voice is always right, but I can’t listen to its timing.  It is right directionally, and when the voice goes fever pitch it is time to Action Launch ( the Voice seems to be able to discern when it is financially advantageous to act.  I seem to get the best deals.  There the timing is spot on, just not about the actual Bad Thing happening.  Hey, even if it is years too early, I’m saving some major coin.  When the Voice Jr.  said Buy Russian Ammo, even when it was just overpriced reloading components for my 303Brit, I got the last of the twenty-five cent rounds.  Now the surplus 54R is going for thirty-five cents a round in the Spam Cans ).  I can’t seem to decide if the Voice is full volume right now ( still exhausted from the Grinch Season-it doesn’t end for me in December but the end of January.  I’m punished until all surplus inventory to marked down and donated ), but it is telling me constantly that Sumpin Up, Yo!  It’s an eerie feeling.  It is LIKE the feeling I had in 2008 but I can’t say if it is exactly ALIKE.  If I’m right, I can’t say I’ll feel like gloating.


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  1. I'm 1" from panic mode all the time and I believe it may have to do with my time on the internet. I'd like to throttle all of it back cause my health may depend on it. If I was wealthy all of this stuff would be easier but it seems I'm always trying to stuff 10lbs of shit in a 3lb bag and always coming up short, so I have to figure out other ways to get stuff done or acquired, and all that thinking has it's own baggage.

    My grinch season doesn't end until the last of Feb after my wife's birthday and our (32nd) anniversary. After that my earnings are mine, Mine, MINE! (think Donald Duck's Uncle Scrooge)

    1. That was my work, before the new truck-always stuffing ten gallons of crap into a five gallon bucket.

  2. You and I are on the same wavelength. My Spidy senses are tingling. They too are not wrong. As with you the timing can be off, but it's there. As for Y2K, I've said this before, it was a non-event because we I.T. folks FIXED it. Had we not, it may be a different story.

    As for the Financial Collapse, I was keyed into that by the late Larry Burkett. He published The Coming Economic Earthquake in 1991 and I read it. Look it up on Amazon. He also published a fictional novel called Solar Flare in 1997. You guessed it. This is how a good strong flare can take us out. He was way before his time. How we lasted financially this long past his 1991 predictions I don't know. (His research was very good.)

    I have an idea why you are getting the eerie feelings. You have read and digested much data on why this house of cards is still standing as have I. You know the wind we are experiencing should blow it down, but someone snuck in and glued stuff together. When it does come apart, it will be more violent. The fundamentals are all off. Gold and Silver should be through the roof and the dollar and stock market should be way down. (Stock market may be correcting.) The Saudis are pumping like mad, but are running out of money to run their country. How does that make sense? To you and I, it doesn't on the surface. What we don't know is making us jittery. We know there is something wrong, but with anything with so many moving parts, unless you are one of the ones calling the shots and part of that system, you can only get glimpses of what is wrong. Many times insiders don't know either. It's like flying in an airplane and you hear clunking going on under you, over an over. You know it isn't right,because you have flown a lot, but you don't know exactly what it is.

    1. last part, wonderful analogy. The book TCEE was kick ass, I read it several times. SF blew chunks.

  3. Simply put, China has been propping up this house of cards since the '08 crash. They have built entire cities to bolster their GDP, but because the average Chinese worker makes so little to make the cheap azz imported junk, they simply cannot afford the $100,000 US dollars that the condos in these unoccupied cities command.

    It will be this year that the fake economy of China will implode, then who else will be available to prop up this world's economic house of cards?

    1. I remember condo's in Florida, beach front, $20k in '99. Thought that was a rip-off ( salt water air and concrete rebar ). What they want now for worse locations and materials is insane.

  4. Well if the voice is loud enough and resonates to your inner core you are one of the lucky ones. This one is roaring in my ear and feeling more ominous, deadly and just plain evil. I believe we've just been warned about the mother load. There's no turning back. Last time it seemed even half this bad I was led by a friend to a peice of junk land that has provided my transition to a more frugal level of existence and I'm ultimately thankful for this sixth sense. Its like when you are in the first stages of hypothermia and your body is signaling SOS to get warm or die. Such guttural responses if you pay attention. This one is so unworldly so ugly, no words to describe it.

  5. If it all goes to hell so what. Thee is nothing I can do to change it. As the saying goes "It's important what goes on in your house, not the White House" Meaning we prep to survive.

    Stay under the radar and develop skills and supplies to live our lives and let the chips fall where they will.

    I've been prepping for 20-years and it has become a lifestyle that has done me well and likely will continue to do me well.

    People have been predicting the US economy was going to crash since the 1980's, We all know it's coming at some point. Only a fool puts an exact date on it as we all have no idea of the moment when the balloon burst. We only know that it will burst at some point.

    Prep, get out of debt, buy food, ammo & guns, PM's and tools (along with the skill to use them), learn to can food, work to be off grid and try to live in a place where you will hopefully avoid the masses of unprepared. Many are already well along the prepper path doing all this so while we are not as far along as we would like to be, we are doing better then most of the sheep are and every day we move in the right direction a bit more

    And do it in a way as to allow you to still enjoy your life if SHTF comes or not.