Thursday, October 2, 2014



Once again, I’m changing my posting frequency in a fit of panic and weariness.  Let’s try once a week, every Monday ( this will give me a chance to write on the weekend, rather than wait to the last minute at work at 6 AM and have no article idea ).  Okay, I know I’ve done this many times before.  So I’m definitely not declaring any policy etched in stone.  Just, for now, until I’ve decided something, I’m going into a holding pattern.  Let’s over analyses, shall we? 

1)   I’ve written regularly for fifteen years now.  In the last seven, it has pretty much been every single day.  Sometimes more than once a day ( yes, I think I really did over-do it the last four months by twice daily posts ).  I’m weary. 

2)   At first, it was fun to go against the grain, declare all others asswhores, and charge the dragon.  I was doing it differently, not giving into commercial pressure, not playing the game.  As a result, my readership is down to almost nothing and my writing income looks like the US oil production chart over the decades.  At what point do you stop beating your head against the wall?  I try to fight it, I really do, but I want fame and a little fortune for my efforts as much as the next guy.

3)   Defining myself, “I’m a writer”, was an ego boost and helped me keep going.  This did absolutely nothing for all those others surrounding me.  They were not impressed.  More often than not, it was just ridicule.  It almost seems that my life story will just be an accountants column tally and only money matters.  I don’t mind failing in that aspect.  I’ve never cared all that much about money.  But putting forth extra effort, just to be snubbed for it?  That also gets pretty old after awhile.

4)   I’m not sure, but it almost seems like a little voice is screaming at me to stop wasting time on a futile effort.  Because this whole thing can’t last too much longer.  The crash has got to be right around the corner.  I can’t convince 99% of preppers to actually prepare and with my loyal minions it is just me preaching to the choir.  Nothing I say will convert others and those I’ve convinced don’t need any extra nagging on my part. 

Again, this isn’t definitive.  I could get my batteries recharged.  Or, I couldn’t.  I just don’t know.  They seem to be about the lowest ever.  This isn’t me begging for extra money.  It soon won’t matter, so take your money and buy real tangible items to help you survive.  Anything you send me is a waste to you and won’t make a difference to me as far as survival.  Just continue being loyal minions and stick with me.  I’ll see you all on Monday.

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  1. Well Jim, I enjoy your efforts to inform. You have given me some different insights into being prepared and some thought provoking outlooks on issues. I don't always agree, like getting remarried, once was enough for me. Now I get to keep my stuff if a relationship ends. Feel free to act on that one in the future. So enjoy your semi retirement,but I'm sure you'll be back in harness in the near future.

  2. Jim:
    This post just made me cry!... Is this a good bye?.. So long my friend.. Get into the oil business. Your oily hair can bring some much needed $$$$...
    If I can have $ 200.00 dollars I would send them to you, But, no !! ..Why because you made it public that I owe that money for the camera to post your photo. You could have borrow mine, Melvin...... And, you never gave me any biscuits.

    Your friend for life.

    The Mormon.

  3. As I've stated before, I will gladly accept anything you put out ! Whether it be new material or just a rehash of old....

    New update....
    Got my second application of skin grafts on the leg wound on Tuesday. Don't let anyone bullshit ya, those sumbitches burn almost as bad as wiping your hemroids with sandpaper !! The pain I can handle, but it really interferes with getting sleep let me tell ya.
    The bone Doctor is going to allow me to try walking on the !!
    My ass is certainly going to appreciate the respite, let me tell ya.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that it holds together...

    Got the euros Jim, was no problem converting here in the big city.
    I owe you big time friend.....thank you, along with all the contributors.

  4. I second the motion. Recharge your batteries, Jim.

    "but I want fame and a little fortune for my efforts as much as the next guy."
    Have you considered that, upon a collapse, you may be singled out by the media, as The Guy That Predicted All This?

  5. Jim, I will miss your daily columns. But taking care of you and yours is most important, especially now as the time seems to be getting shorter for everything. And it means you will be refreshed for writing. Thanks for all you do.

  6. I will still take the time to read you, even if its only once a week! take the time to get some R and R. and enjoy the ride down with the rest of humanity`1

  7. We don't always comment.. but we do always read :) whatever you need to do, we will keep reading.

  8. Thank You for all that you do Lord Bison. You seem a bit down and depressed. I get that way sometimes. I have found that 3 fish oil capsules a day makes me feel way better. There is a lot of net info about fish oil helping depression. Good luck and take care, whatever you do. HAIL DARWIN

  9. Your Lordship,

    Let me start off by quoting Spud's comment:

    "As I've stated before, I will gladly accept anything you put out !"

    He wants you to put out? I don't think that's a healthy thing for a minion to suggest.

    Anyway, let me take issue with your calling it "semi-retire".

    Given your predictable, unceasing railing against semi-auto rifles I don't feel that you should refer to anything you do as "semi".

    Instead it might be more appropriate to refer to it as a "bolt-action retirement".

    That way there's no danger that you'll be shooting off all your ideas at once and suddenly find out that you're empty with nothing left.

    Just sayin'.

    I'll still be checking in to see what's new now & then.

    Make it count.... :-)

  10. And just when I am starting to read you again? Sheesh.
    You aren't the most polished writer, James, but I really do enjoy our crude humor, good insights, and alternative, non-conventional views.
    Keep on writing!

    1. No problem great follicle. I have seen yer struggles before and seen ya come back mean as ever. Hell may even send ya a guest article to help fill in bro.

  11. See you Monday! Oh The Day was good. New ways to catch or avoid being caught is of great importance in the near future since it is how you end up in the stew pot. Thanks for the years of dedication! Going over to TAEC and see if that old fart got any good oil news. Lol. peace

  12. Good for you, LB, you sound like you could use the rest. Take some time to think and regroup and come back when you're ready. Your loyal minions will still be here.
    If I might make a request, though - could you please use whatever time you do spend writing in finishing out the Loco Gringos story? That one is simply too epic to lay unfinished. And fiction might be a nice outlet for your frustrations. Thanks!

    1. I was actually thinking on that just this morning. Have one or two 500 word articles, or one 1k, and then an extra 500 word continuation of the chapter of Loco's. My main issue right now is getting subjects I can get excited about. With the fiction, I just need to write, not come up with an idea. About 90% sure I'll do it, but don't hold me to it just yet.

  13. Jim,
    Hey Bro, we're with you. Don't despair my friend. I know how you feel. Don't worry, we will meet soon :-)

    We know what will come to pass, but we don't know the hour.

    Some more vittles headed your way...

    R de B

  14. James,

    Your minions owe you much for your ideas. Thank you. Rest up, things may look different later. By the by, what Kindle do you have? I'm looking for information on the book formats it supports. I may have something for you, but I'm not sure.



      It's the basic $70 model. The format is Mobi.

  15. Well looks like I will just have to check back in on Monday. Always enjoy. Just another white trash irregular down here in the great state of Mississippi.

  16. As if you didn't have enough troubles, you can add intellectual theft!

    which links to this cabal of treacherous and ungrateful toads:

    Just a matter of time before you will see your pirated genius being extolled over at Rawles without so much as a hat tip. You'd be totally justified in pelting them with flaming monkey balls, with the monkey still attached.

    1. If they steal my IDEA, it is research. If they copy and paste it is plagiarism.

  17. Can understand feeling like " why bother " now and then . This can happen when you're not getting feed back about your efforts .
    This is only the third time I've commented here and I've been reading your blog for near 2 years on an almost daily basis . Just not much a a comment maker
    Not sure how / if you can track and differentiate those that visit your blog , so this is just let you know your efforts are appreciated . I enjoy your style and approach to this collapse thing and you've given useful information and your unmuddled thought process has helped with my own thoughts concerning what is happening in this world today .
    Take what ever break you need , write as little or as much as you care to . If you're still writing , I'll be reading . If you retire , I'll understand , have retired twice myself , sometimes that is just what needs to be done .

    1. much appreciated. No, it isn't really feedback, although I panic if there are NO comments. Just a feeling of impending doom.

  18. love yor writing
    i come here daily
    you have the same ideas i have always had
    i have a bolt action 22 bolt mosinnagant and i have 4 revolvers 2 22's and 2 45cal
    i have much grain stored 28 5 gal buckets of wheat 20 buckets of rice 30 buckets of beans 10 buckets of sugar 5 buckets of salt and 2 buckets of honey
    i have 38 small tubs the ones 3ft by 2ft full of caned goods
    all stored under my house in the crawl space wrapped in saran wrap
    if not for you id have never gotten any of this
    i also have 3000ft of white christmas lights and 60 of the solar rechargable side walk lites
    i have about 600 rounds for each weapon
    i need more but the price is prohibitive and i started late in 2011
    i wish you would continue your one story about the desert raidiers and marching with black powder rifles and the attack on the hosp and taking of children women
    i see a nation and world that will soon be like somalia where war lords ontrol vast counties of areas like in the pre roman times
    small enclaves of tribes fighting ocassionaly to keep the population down and to also get new blood to keep the family tree from going straight up
    also with out oil and resources it will soon be back to swords and axs and spears till all the scrap is used up then we will return to wooden clubs shields and spears as we run out of all the recorces and ability to work metal due to the education level dropping and the availablity of already mined metals being
    so soon we will all be living in either wooden huts or in skins sided mobile tents moving around to sustain by following hurds and planting seasonal crops that need no tending like wild corn wheat and beans
    thats my perspective
    i also think that this ebola thing is be orchestrated to kill off 1/3 of the earths population to slow down the depleting of recorces so the people in charge can still have what they want longer

    1. I don't know if we'll ever use up all the scrap we have now with a greatly reduced population. The metal will likely rust away first. Not bad preps at all for just a few years. I'll think on the fiction. I'd have to redo most of it. The idea started out sound but I think I mostly butchered the presentation. That was one of those "writing two times a day" that helped kick my ass. 1500 is a large word count for one finger hunt and peck with a twelve hour day job on top.