Monday, April 30, 2018

feeding the beast 1 of 2

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Have you tried out “Black Pilled” on YouTube?  The guy is pretty good and has a lot of interesting clips.  His latest, third week of April, is on Funding The Enemy.  He focuses mainly on working for a globalist corporation and hence funding them through your labor.  I don’t how far back this concept goes, although I believe the Vietnam War was when it became popularized ( actually, I think the Walden Pond Dude brought it up.  Or was than Spooner? ). 


By globalist, I take the meaning to imply the American Empire led global trade system with the petrodollar currency.  He could mean One World government ( although I don’t usually get that vibe.  You can usually tell when someone goes with the Illuminati One World Jewish Bilderburg UN Blue Helmet Troop shtick ).  You could claim that corporations are stateless entities and thus a power unto themselves, but I believe the banks are stateless and mostly run things, with the governments and corporations subservient to then as one has money and the other two need it.


I thought the video was really good, with food for thought, but to me it is fundamentally flawed.  It implies that there is a system to be saved, that individuals have power.  It reinforces our propaganda that we are free ( all this is subtle.  Black Pilled seems to be pessimistic enough for rational analysis.  My point here is that when you DON’T believe in imminent civilization collapse, your perspective is flawed ).


Fundamentally, you need to look after yourself.  I know what you are thinking, you’re saying, hey, Jim, if we are all selfish pricks and don’t tribe-up, nothing will change.  You think that because you believe there can be a chance that the system will not implode.  You might as well just go join the Junior Mogambo Rangers Prep Squad and stock a tent, a case of MRE’s, a FLIR scope and fifteen semi-auto rifles with two hundred  magazines and one case of ammo.  Hope springs eternal, and the “Murican Way is nonnegotiable. 


We are double dog dry humped.  The only question is timing.  Wasting time researching and “de-funding” evil corporations is a waste of your efforts.  Now, I’m not saying SOME boycotts aren’t useful.  Not shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods after they stopped selling guns ( or was it just semi’s? ) gave a loud and clear message that evil gun grabbers can suck the Bill Of Right’s ass.  If you weren’t denying Wal-Mart your money simply because they engage in full scale rapine ( ie, their merchandise is shoddy and overpriced ), now you can as they stop selling semi’s, if you so desire.


Did Sears or K-Mart get much of my money after they stopped selling guns?  No.  Even though that was mostly because of their stupid prices, that policy was a deciding factor also.  But also acknowledge the true impact of your actions.  It does SOME good, but ultimately little changes.  For the last ten years, 90% of the corporations screwing us, embracing leftist BS, spying on us for the government, themselves funding anti-gun laws, they are all funded by the stock market bubble.  Mass boycotts CAN work, by imploding a stock on an evil company, but far too many carry on with business as usual, by central bank funding.


How do you think the fracking gas and oil companies go so long losing money?  Every company, even in the sweet spots with the highest concentrations and least extraction costs, has lost money from the very beginning.  They are funded because their business is too important to fail.  The fracking oil keeps up the volume of fuel ( but NOT the net energy delivered ), and liquid fuel is the lubricant keeping our economy moving.  A lot of this has to do with falling interest rates, but some is certainly central planning.


When interest rates fall, you can keep rolling over your debt.  That is what the Feds have done the last decade plus.  They aren’t paying the principle, so their payments stay the same, or rise far less than normal.  Some years they borrow more just to pay the next round of interest payments.  Companies do the same.  The bank never loaned actual money, so they can create more.  A bankrupt customer merely needs to keep paying interest.  The principle doesn’t matter to the bank, either.  It only all unravels when interest rates rise.  But as far as economic engineering, there is also the obvious fact to the central bank that they must keep the fuel flowing so all their other customers paying interest can keep making their interest payments.


A lot of companies, hence, aren’t altogether unduly effected when their customers are dissatisfied.  It doesn’t matter how much bad publicity fracking firms get, nor does it matter to Wal-Mart if they lose all their gun customers.  The main profit center is in the Food Stamp customers, and those customers don’t vote with their feet.  And it certainly doesn’t matter if you stop funding Wal-Mart with your labor.  The swell deal with high unemployment and high immigration is that no one cares when you quit a job.  Ten other unqualified people line up for your slot.  You haven’t accomplished anything.


Now, to be fair, Black Pilled in the video acknowledges this and doesn’t claim much good will occur past the individual level.  Philosophically, his stand is admirable.  But, again, this skips the elephant in the room.  The collapse is coming, and if you harm yourself preparing for it by standing on principles, you only harm yourself and the company wins in the end as your lifeless corpse joins those of it’s CEO’s.  Your labor isn’t funding evil as much as evil is helping you fund your escape from the system ( again, Black Pilled isn’t incorrect.  He states, how is he to trust you in the actual trenches when you couldn’t even spend a few bucks more de-funding evil companies?  Good point.  But my point is supersedes his.  I’ll continue tomorrow ).

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  1. "Fundamentally, you need to look after yourself."

    There ya go. That's the heart of the matter.
    If you don't have the stones to stand up and act like a normal human being then I guess you deserve to be strapped to the wheel like a pack animal.

    Regarding all this boycott stuff. My take is that it is mainly useless. Am I really going to drive another 1/2 hour to avoid buying things from somebody everybody else says to boycott?

  2. Huh. The choice is really only 4 options:
    1) don't work - be receiving money from the man in some other fashion than a paycheck.
    2) Work for a paycheck- the only real sub choice here is how bad 'the man' you are working for is.. They are all 'the man' in one way or another.
    3) Work for yourself running your own business - good luck, the most profitable niches are occupied by the big corps, the small niches are vanishing rapidly, and liability and other things stack the deck against you.
    4) go without money until you die (which in our current world will probably be soon even if you have enough land and skills to maintain a mostly self sufficient farm).
    Any way you slice it 'the man' remains in control of your well being over the long term.

    1. Profitable small business-an oxymoron, yes? :)

    2. No.
      My proof? 32 years and still.

      If you play by THEIR rules you will lose, everytime.
      I've never been audited by anybody.

      So make the rules work to your advantage.
      Remember, they can't watch everybody all of the time.

      Since about 1988 every gift I have purchased has been a business expense (BE). All vehicle expenses are a BE. At least 25% of all housing costs are BE. And on and on.

      Because sole proprietors are required to pay ALL of their SS tax, as opposed to employers paying half for their employees, and other taxes stuck to businesses, it is imperative to reduce the taxable income as much as possible.

      I paid tax accountants for about 8 years in the early days and learned from them by asking the right questions. Then, about 1994 I started using TurboTax and fine tuning the system. It's not how much you make but rather how you manage all money that you associate with.

      I know peope right now that are "forced" to purchase brand new vehicles each year because otherwise they will be taxed mercilessly on that money if they keep it in the bank. The purchased vehicles are then treated as business expenses and their tax due amount is greatly reduced.

      It's a crying shame that this stuff is not taught in the schools cause if it was more people would be inspired to run their own businesses and controlling their property (income) in such a way as to be empowered and not beaten wage slaves.

      Lastly, at least half of my income for the past 20 years has been cash, completely off the books and therefore untaxable. Imagine the feeling derived when you complete a $7,000 project for a client and he peels off *70 big fat C notes* and hands them to you. They won't fit in that wallet so all I could do was forcefully fold them in half and stuff them in my front britches pocket, and on the walk out to my vehicle every strumpet in the area thought I was "happy to see her".

      **That night I took the ol' lady out for a surf and turf supper with all the trimmings on the river and then wrote the whole thing off as a BE. I was 31 yo when I started my own business after working at 33 bullshit low paying wage slave wades from the age of 15. No way I could ever work again for mere "hourly wages. I feel dirty for just writing those words.

    3. Okay, you are Da Man. It is good to see someone not beat down and wrung out. The best to you with that, until the end. I refuse to gain any optimism from that, however! :)

    4. It's never too late to start keeping more of YOUR money.

    5. > It's a crying shame that this stuff is not taught in the schools

      It is still taught in schools, just not the schools for the common people.

      That said, having been at an elite gradute business school, the students there are very specialized, they nearly have no other choices than to work in large groups that have a use for their advanced but narrow skills.

      We were told there that many companies were built up by entrepreneurial characters, not seldom without any degreee of any kind.

      It's in the character more than it is in education.

    6. GS-I make so little I don't have to pay taxes. The lazy way of doing it. Then you can't buy anything, so no hidden taxes there!
      Ave-thank you, confirms my observation that those in charge only know how to make money and have no idea of anything else going on.

  3. Minions have to live and function in the era and the general location to which they were born-raised. As a western 1st world nation with it's advanced economy/systems (not saying it is all great at all) you have to play the game you are in. There is not enough perfect conditions aligning up for a minion to check out from this warped reality and go all GALT, and drop out. Just be a gray man, nibble around the edges, stay alive. That is all there is.

    1. Minimize stress, maximize the work you love doing. In the end, besides your health and relationships, what else is there?

    2. To start with, if it's work you're not doing it right.
      It has to be FUN! You have to enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it you won't be able to maximize it. You'll get tired of it. Bone tired. And then it will beat you into submission. Then you'll be worse off because now you'll be convinced that you are not capable. You are capable.

      Choose your vocation like you choose a wife, to last for all of your life.

      So far:
      34 years married
      32 years business owner
      I don't plan to quit, I mean, why would I?
      I like what I do and people decent coin for what I do.
      If I was wealthy I'd still do what I do, because I enjoy it.

      Money comes and it goes but the satisfaction you get from your efforts are eternal.

      If I had to face a life where I was employed by someone else it would not be worth living. It would be mental prison. I would break out as soon as possible, one way or another.

    3. Speaking from experience, being employed leaves you so beaten down you barely ever dream of having the energy to rebel. It is just a fantasy getting you through the day. If you pay rent or owe the bankers more than one paycheck worth of debt, it will always stay a fantasy. People break out all the time, it isn't like there isn't hope. But for most, the only way out is unemployment and bankruptcy, and that leaves you in a situation of no choices, eating Cheetos on the couch in a Section 8 apartment, dying from a medical ailment. Thanks for your lifetime of labor.

  4. Here's an optimistic view of the near future.... When I say optimistic I mean "world population will crash 90-plus percent from the current 7.6 billion to 600 million by the end of this century."

    1. Of course it's optimistic. Pessimistic would be 7.6 million surviving. Thanks for the link-I don't believe this was at his site.

    2. No, sorry, I was wrong. Already read this one. The podcast must have the juicy info, as his article was rather tame. He simply isn't pessimistic enough. Did he get dropped on his head while dropping acid?