Monday, March 12, 2018

violence 2 of 3


The military didn’t invent political correctness, but it certainly took it mainstream from the incubator.  If it hadn’t been for the peacetime military’s severe manpower shortage, women’s lib probably never would have morphed so solidly into political correctness ( women needed Others to continue growing the liberation movement, continuing to gain and solidify earlier victories.  Since Blacks were half women it became natural to incorporate Black Equality into the fight.  Since Latinos were half women then immigration discrimination joined the cause.  Etc. ).  It would have probably continued its fight which would have been political and economic without taking over the culture since it would not have gone mainstream. 


But it is always about money and never the long term good, not in a declining resource environment.  Long term planning needs extra resources.  So the moronic glaring lack of ANY planning for the future you see today is an obvious indicator the decline has exponentially worsened.  Political correctness gives the military the excuse it needs to keep its manpower levels up, so more PC it shall be ( and of course, the other dead end road, over reliance on high tech, was a self reinforcing trend as it saved on manpower while enriching the military economy ).  The military can’t get enough men as it is, so it is always trying to get more females, more Blacks, more immigrants and etc.  It pays the military to be PC.


It also pays corporations to be PC.  The manufacturing cost was outsourced, saving corporations money.  It replaced as many positions with robots as it could.  It got free internet broadband to defray costs ( hello!  Just-In-Time inventory and electronic payments ).  What is left to save money?  Lowering pay.  How do you do that?  Getting as many bodies as possible to fight for the same position.  Legalize illegal immigrants, grant Blacks college degrees regardless of merit or finances.  Insist more females take males jobs, or more Blacks or more Muslims or more transgender.  In short, flood the applicant pool.  More people, fewer jobs, shrinking pay.


It pays colleges to go PC.  More positions being taken from White males means all those newly favored minorities ( which itself in a misnomer.  Bitches have always been a slight majority ) get to go into massive training debt to fight for the jobs.  I won’t say, “and the dumb asses be too stupid to figure out the salary isn’t enough to pay for college”, but we are all thinking that.  Wonder why fathers are so demonized?  Making dad evil means the excuse “men must be paid more as they support a family” is invalidated in the small minds of the PC brigades ( plus it legitimizes ex-wife taxes ).


A minor consideration amidst all this cultural and financial wreckage is the new politically correct role of violence.  Back in the day, violence was channeled.  It was never made illegal or undesirable.  It was merely targeted.  If you deviated from the target, you were toast.  It was okay to hate and want to kill commies.  It was NOT okay to target a neighbor.  The ultra violence of the sixties and seventies was so disconcerting because the target control was lost.  Instead of tribal outsiders, insiders were being targeted.  The birth of PC Violence Targeting.  Whereas the old régime demanded only those outside the tribe be targeted, the new one allows the originator of violence to be the deciding factor.


Let’s be clear.  The violence STARTED because of cultural unwinding started back in the last war as previously discussed.  You could think of that as proto-PC.  The sperm to the later embryo.  The first lose of the controlled target was not yet because of political correctness.  That would come later.  But when it came it did quite some damage.  ANY violence was now disallowed.  Any aggressiveness from males was culturally stigmatized, if not outright illegal.  If not drugged away ( thank you females, for all the school shootings ).  Aggressiveness and violence from the approved segments of the rainbow were merely ignored or justified from imagined pasts where poor Whites MUST have owned slaves somehow.


Why do you think Blacks actively discourage their peers to participate in school, if they even go?  They want no part in this pussy princess de-legitimizing aggression.  All the White kids are getting defanged and programmed against violence and all the Black kids are growing up in a culture that encourages it.  Blacks take advantage of stupid ass White girls pushing PC, they don’t actually buy into the bullspit.  They know better than to pussify their men, as they are already laboring under institutionalized discrimination economically.  They must keep their warrior culture as the only thing keeping them from being totally dominated.


Blacks cash out with the PC money, but they have been doing that since Watts.  They don’t actually believe in the propaganda like the White girls do.  And White girls believe in it because it pays to believe ( the Blacks play at believing, because they won’t ever fall for Whitey’s promises again-see, they are smarter even without schooling ).  Girl Power is a paycheck, and they have taken over many institutions that embraced PC for their own payday ( education, government, military ).  As high lords of the education system, they know no other way except non-aggression.  Blacks understand how males and females are programmed.  Whites have long ago lost that understanding as it goes against Nurture Only PC doctrine.


They think you can have targeted institutional violence without innate aggressiveness.  Why do they think this?  Because they are bitches, yo, and bitches don’t do aggressive.  They don’t have the hormones for it.  They think a flock of chickens pecking for standing in the social order, which uses violence, is the same as aggressiveness.  It isn’t.  That is politics.  Aggressiveness is the love of violence for its own sake.  Not even a means to an end.  Just the need to destroy.  Females have no conception. 


I’ll finish up tomorrow with our culture of non-violence ( as doctrine if not always fact ) and how this effects your immediate future come the collapse.

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  1. quite possibly one of your best posts ever! Well thought out and worded in such a way even your moron level minions will be able to comprehend it! I would like to hear you opine on the phenomenon of every one breeding like bugs except whites who have "fur babies". White people are now a minority world wide and are dying off at an alarming rate. Is it part of a plan, I don't know but it is happening. Your thoughts?

    1. This moron minion, doesn't always reply. Primarily because either I don't have anything to add toward the conversation or because even tho I might disagree, I firmly believe everyone has a right to their own opinion.
      As always, your articals give one pause to think. This one is no exception.
      Carry on Lord Bison...

  2. Even at my moron level, I fully understand what I am looking at and experiencing every day of my life for decades upon decades. Inaction is not an indicator of lack of resolve, and certainly not an indicator of lack of means and capability. A surprise can be just that at any time or place. As said in olden days "stay tuned for news".

    1. Of course you are right. We'll only see who is right in hindsight.

  3. excellent article. basic biology pointed out for those younger than i who have had a heavy dose of indoctrination in the schools and from television.
    it will be like a light shed upon a great darkness for them--males are not females!

    1. But do people change basic childhood programming? Only a few smart ones.

    2. fact= males produce sperm, females produce ova.
      when the desire reaches its proper culmination children are born.
      there is evidence that, far beyond any programming by politics, society, religion the body reacts to the environment in instinctual ways.
      it has been shown that populations under certain pressures will reproduce at younger ages in spite of the pressure. probably a survival mechanism.
      outside programming cannot change the fact that we each have a body, which, while operating under the restraints of culture, will still have its way if opportunity presents itself.
      thus the high rate of unwed pregnancy among very young slum dwellers.
      or so i have read.

    3. Yep, we are just eating crapping screwing machines with delusions of grandeur. Of course, I've been told I'm a cynic.

  4. re:

    You are probably right, I have a hard time judging my good or bad. Most times I think I did great and it is met by deafening silence. Other times I thought it sucked and there is wild applause. It is enough to confuse even one with perfect hair.

    Well....I got some bad news for you, some REALLY bad news.

    Better light up a big one or grab a cold one or whatever you do before you get terrible news.

    One time you had hurt feelings because I had never praised your hair.

    Your hair is THE problem.

    Let's look at some very successful people.

    Bruce Willis

    Jason Statham

    Yul Bryner

    Telly Savalas


    Patrick Stewart

    Dr. Phil

    and most of all let us not forget HOMER SIMPSOM!

    What do they all have in common?

    They are BALD!

    NO hair.

    I bet that good ole JWR secretly has a toupee.

    Sorry Jim. The truth is, it is BECAUSE of your hair that you are a failure.

    They even did scientific studies that proved men with great hair fail.


    It says that bald guys are more intelligent, educated and honest.

    Well..... at least you got one of those three.


    P.S. Better tell the NOL that she has to keep you away from the bang bangs and sharp objects for awhile while you deal with this info.

    1. No worries, I'm calm, I shoved a doobie up my ass and relaxed. Of course this only applies if they stay indoors. You need some hair to shield yourself from the sun. If you wear a hair it has the same effect as wearing a tie-no blood circulation to the brain. Regarding British newspapers-total WaPo NYTimes propaganda-no credibility. And I'll take one out of three :)

    2. I've stated for years now, the skin head look is not healthy. The sun fries not only your skin, it also cooks the brain...
      Of course there are always exceptions to this rule.
      Witness the great Bison !
      Then too...there is the Golden Golem of greatness, aka Duh Donald. Or as Tillerson calls him,a fucking moron lol.

      Preach on Jim , we're listening.

    3. I've tried a smidge longer hair, like an 8th of an inch. By the end of the week I'm itching like crazy. I feel like a filthy dirty hippie. I did start wearing a snazzy Oz jungle hat during the summer, finally. Looking all dope on my pimpen ride, yo!

  5. A good one Jim.

    However, this dog don't hunt:
    Being rich, we can't afford to have babies. Everything cost too much ( society is rich, not the majority of individuals.

    Personal example, I grew up dirt poor. Through hard work, saving, discipline and some luck, I am now upper middle class. Have four kids

    My brother makes 80-100K a year. Him and his wife have only one kid. Constantly saying for 15 years how they could not afford another.

    Bottom line?

    Me first, me second, me third, me fourth etc.

    ME ism

    They have been brainwashed or chose to have personal luxuries and instant gratification over family.

    1. If I hadn't had insurance my kids would have cost $40k. Even two semi-professional salaries didn't cover that. Yes, back then insurance was part of the pay package. But today? I would say that the standard line about affluent societies not needing kids has something to factor in to it, but mostly the basic cost of raising kids-and remember we are now in major economic decline so your rags to riches story is becoming much harder so that today all the hard work in the world doesn't always pay off. Like everything there are three and four sides of the story. Me-ness always factors in. Back when babies cost far less rather than more than a car, you still had the "a baby will ruin my life". I think affordability is always the #1 consideration even with all the other factors. When everything is monetized-marriage, family obligations, etc.-it all becomes about money. You might love your aging parent more than anything, but the average national elder care costs $3k a month. Very few have that kind of love. With a pet, it is a couple of hundred bucks to put them out of their misery and you can replicate that love again. I guess you could call all that selfishness, but isn't it just cold hard practicality? How practical is it to send multiple kids to college, for that mandatory degree that doesn't lead to a job? Not saying there aren't alternatives-but the middle class don't view life through that lens, usually.

    2. My kid - years after yours, including acupuncturist for help conceiving, ob gyns for 'high risk' pregnancy. and delivery, cost less than 15 grand. But that was because the delivery we chose was at home with a midwife. The midwife was cheaper than banking the cord blood against possible future genetic need. We were less than 3 minutes from a nearby hospital so it all would have been not a big deal to get there if there were complications.

    3. Meh, no big deal, $15k! LOL. Not saying a kid isn't worth that, I just have a hard time seeing the amount others spend on, well, anything. Always been grubbing, I guess. I look at what another spends on a toy or vacation and just see an impossible high figure. We are just in different universes, not that the other ones are wrong-just inconceivable.

  6. More great Jimness at the same low price :)