Monday, March 9, 2020

beneath us

I happened across a movie trailer the other day watching YouTube, for the film “Beneath Us”. I had to watch it a couple of times, but it seems as if my initial paranoid thoughts were correct. It seems like another communist hatchet job against Deplorables. Aren't they just now releasing that movie on the “rich folks hunting humans” that was held up by protest that it was solidly aimed at Red State people? How many FemiNazi movie just lost their ass financially ( The Last Terminator, Another Charles Angels )? I mean, I get it-lag times.
Hollywood has ALWAYS churned out vile putrid crap. At one time it didn't matter because you were attending an event ( say, the Drive-In ) and socializing and having fun with friends, and the big picture experience was better than what was on TV. No matter how bad. Then, as going out to a drive-in became problematic, all the suburbs catching up to the once cheap land meeting up with the VCR, with OtherColor violence making the living room safer if not funner, the bad movies were made not for Teen-Exploitation movies but to stock shelves to exploit the families.
Then, even more demand was made as streaming services started up. Those movies were lowest common denominator as it was, more newly poor folks watching the cheapest entertainment, but then we have to add Political Correctness to the mix. The movement got a foothold in the 80's, but exploded in the 90's. But Obammy seems to have really boosted the in-your-face war against Whitey. Hollywood went Full Retard. Idiots like Disney thought all the jobs were moving to the PC brigades and so spend billions to commie up Star Wars.
Disney was correct about one thing. Deplorables have lost most of the job market to faggots, girls, OtherColors and worse even than that, incompetent Diversity Hires. In other words, you used to get preferential placement if you were also qualified. Now, only your gender, color and sexual perversion matters. No experience or training required. BUT. These people are busy with the war against Deplorables. They don't have time for movies. The guys with time, have no money. So NO one sees these wretched hunks of PC crap. I pray to all the gods that Disney gets walloped in park attendance and coupled with losing money on movies, they go bankrupt.
It is probably going to be a safe bet that the release of “Beneath Us” coincides with a 95% drop off in movie attendance as Beer Bug hits us hard. Now, I have nothing against movie theaters. I loved working there, and it really is a thankless business. The movie maker takes 90% of your ticket gross and you make all your money on popcorn and soda sales. Less asses in the seats and you don't cover costs. It isn't your fault all the new movies coming out are PC crap. And a mediocre movie with surround sound is so much better in the theater. But who wants to gamble $8 on a crap movie?
Do you think theaters are going to survive the coming drop in business? It is a shame. But at least this hunk of crap movie is going to lose tens of millions for its investors. Yeah, I get it. As the hysteria grew from the 2016 election, the new trend was Full PC, Full Hate Of Deplorables. Movies are still coming out that were green lighted in that moment. The new trends suck, so sorry. But Hollywood is a trendy place. No one has original ideas, so the con artists rip each other off. The successful ones are left sniffing their own gaseous emissions in elevators and eventually become part of the problem.
Look at the movies that lost money at the end of the Independent Director era. Godfather and Apocalypse Now gave way to Heaven's Gate ( one of the few movies improved by studio insistence to cut the length, and then a VERY good movie. It just cost way too much, the Waterworld of its day. Watch the directors other film, Year Of The Dragon, for another masterpiece and one on Mickey's best roles ). Hollywood always doubles down on a losing trend because of greed and incompetence. But also lag time. It should be obvious by now a movie like “Beneath Us” is going to be a turd.
Watching the trailer, you can see the message, clearly. Poor exploited “undocumented workers” are used as free labor, then killed off by crazy White gun owners, to save on the construction costs. Then they are buried under the house they built. The “beneath us” refers to the burial site, but also slightly more subtly, the economically disadvantaged were exploited and only were here because such jobs “are beneath us”. Get it? Come on! I don't always pay attention unless something is screaming “DOOM” at me, and even I got the message the first time, the virtue signaling unmistakable.
I'll be talking about the economics behind crime in an upcoming article because even I cannot talk about in depth analysis of Beer Bug every single time ( you only get a bare tie in mention today ), but, in this case, let's cover finances that are behind immigration. The jobs that immigrants do are NOT “beneath us”. I'd be happy to pick crops or build houses or cut lawns. What I WON'T do is perform those jobs for crap money. Sure, I did heavy manual labor at the Food Bank for many years, at minimum wage, but that was a choice at the end of my working career.
I didn't have to do it. I wouldn't have chosen that job earlier when I had kids to raise/fund. Then I was in management, because I had no choice. I worked twice as hard ( mentally, AND physically ) for fifty percent more money because it needed to be done. But even if an unfair wage, at least it paid enough to raise a family. All the jobs these Latino's perform do not pay enough for Whites to live on. Not because we are spoiled or lazy. I pinched pennies and worked three jobs to have enough, and there was no fat in the budget for luxury or conveniences. It is because Whites cannot live in the areas Mexicans do, to save enough on rent to work for less.
The Mexicans are allowed over, to perform jobs that the retards and the High School students of pale hue used to perform, but were forced out by labor laws and fears of litigation. The Whites WANTED to work those jobs, but could not. As far as farm labor, yes, I'll agree that was the bottom of the barrel. Only very poor Whites would want those jobs. But with the 1965 OtherColor floodgates opened, now they no longer had to and so didn't. But without that created labor force, the crops would have been picked even if at a slightly higher price.
The commies now screaming about health care or better working conditions for Latino's want to spend more on pay for produce pickers NOW, but they didn't think it was feasible THEN? No, it makes no sense. It was a manufactured crisis to excuse the White Replacement program, just as “Your Pension!” scare was used in Europe. Once the Mexicans got their foot in the door, they moved to areas Whites WOULDN'T live. Because they didn't have to, if they had normal jobs. Now, they CAN'T live there because of their lives being endangered by visiting a ghetto controlled by Latino criminals. I'll continue this tomorrow.
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note: well, one good thing about the apocalypse, no daylight savings time.
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  1. I use my Deplorable status as necessary to "play the card" as well as the others do, so to speak. Our turn this time suckers.

    Use the natural military bearing posture as a herd bull flag when in government or business environments. Lays out grouping dynamics subliminally. Use the thousand yard stare eye contacts with the affirmitively hired help to non verbally cue these pukes up to the hard fact your not the pushover type. Get your states veteran license plates on your vehicle. Deplorable flagging there of driver's prior military killing training, like the dreaded by scaredy cat law enforcement "gadsen flag snake" bumper stickers. Of course drive a working man's pick up truck like Walt in "Grand Torino", and always forever be armed up. The loose women will all be in kitty heat over the new depicted bad boys, red stater lads without any baggage or issues being the new oddity attraction.

    There will be ample character acting roles for your new image categorization. Acting Depictions as bad guys, Just like japs after ww2, redskins on horseback in westerns and the darker skinned blacks in the 70s crime movies. expect the society gang rapes of deplorables to continue unabated in the absence of definitave revolting.

    Stay Deplorably Frosty.

  2. “The “beneath us” refers to the burial site”

    Haha! Even that’s totally unoriginal! They totally ripped off Juan Corona, but all of suddenly in this particular instance, there was no need to “diversify” the character, so they in-sourced him with white dude’s :D There’s at least a few of these “Nazi hunter” type movies/series floating around these days. The definition of a “nazi”, being anyone that’s to the right of these extreme far left morons (i.e. normal people). They literally have to tick off all the SJW boxes, in every single production.

    Let’s see:

    Turd burglars, tranny's, or one of 67 genders (Or are we up to 72 now? :D ): Check

    Magical Minorities: Check

    Empowered fems: Check

    Bumbling and incompetent white dude’s: Check

    Okay, we’re good to go now :D No one, other than about 20% of the far left, radical population, will watch it, and it will tank. But that’s okay, because we’ll pull out or 3 trick pony, and blame it on “racism”, “sexism”, and “homophobia” :D Weird, how as liberal as the UK is, they manage to avoid a lot of this crap in their productions. I guess they can’t afford to operate at a loss, as can hollyweird.

    1. Never heard of Juan Corona. Had to look him up:
      And I grew up in Cali.

    2. It doesn’t surprise me in the least Jim, that you’ve never heard of him. Most people have also probably never heard of Kate Steinle either (She was killed by a several times deported, illegal fellow, with a rap sheet longer than Richard Gere’s Gerbil insertion tube :D )

    3. I guess I keep forgetting that Cali was ahead of the PC curve, bigly. So even in 1971 the propaganda must have been hiding the Mexi Foothold wrongdoings.

    4. According to TheMainStreamMedia...

      JUAN CORONA was a farm-labor provider near Sacramento.
      After whacking folks, he buried the corpses in orchards.
      Near Sacramento.
      Is our take-away a valuable lesson in avoiding patterns?
      The delight of 'Beneath' followers everyplace was Sacramento landlady DOROTHEA PUENTE.
      Assisted suicide was her way of dealing with food complaints ["Where's the guacamole!"] in her boarding house for pensioners.
      She avoided sky-rocketing funeral expenses by working the deceased into her gardens, then built out-buildings over their permanent resting places.
      Then converted the out-buildings into extra-cheap housing for the soon-to-go-into-the-light crowd.
      Busted after concerned neighbors commented about the backyard filled with out-buildings.
      And both side-yards.
      She had materials delivered for front-yard sheds, but by that time, alert Zoning and Building bumblebrats stumbled upon her nefarious scheme to populate her entire property with places to store her presumably 'vast collection of land-care tools and old paint cans'.

      And again, I think we can see the issue with patterns.

    5. See, there you go-public servants earned their money :)

  3. Life imitates starting at 2:25. Chinese citizens out in streets protesting wage cut since factory layoffs. Sounds like people protesting cause they can't pay rent or bills. Local po-po tries to "explain the situation".

    Expect to see similar scenes in blue hives here especially among laid off, low wage customer facing folks.
    What will happen if Seattle, the home of sizeable anti-fa population, goes on large area lockdown? I'm waiting to see single mother types loose their sh×t when schools close early. What about the 'red shirt' teacher's unions types who have been very politically active over past couple years?

    Over at WRSA someone (tfAt?) posted music video of The Trammps "Disco Inferno" (..burn baby, burn!..).

    Need my old shimmering polyester shirt and stacked shoes...I be stylin' on the dance floor beneath the mirrored ball. Oooh, CoronaChan sooo fine!

    1. Hey, weren't we supposed to believe the first report that the factories were all re-opened? What was that, a couple of weeks ago?

    2. Some factories were 'counseled' by local CCP chieftains to reopen but I don't think it was in Hubei Province. Believe in Guangzhou on the coast.
      But since then speculation is the factory bosses have simply gone into factories and turned machines on but no workers. Then their electric usage is shown to have resumed pre-plague levels. Don't know if anyone could even validate that claim but it does sound like typical mgmt response in Commieland.
      Reminds me of reports from 'state farm' (as opposed to collective) in old USSR. On one farm many tons of granular fertilizer were delivered, per GOSPLAN mandate, but had to be dumped on bare ground as no covered shed or tarps were ordered to shelter bulk fertilizer from to guess what fell from sky in following days?

    3. Not that Oligarchy Pravda is any better. Look, saving money ( jobs to China ), increased productivity! Go, capitalism. I think Peak Prosperity guy would have covered pollutant levels increasing by satellite map just as he reported the opposite. So, no, I don't think the factories started up again. Then again, this is all a guess.

  4. Free book:

    Zompoc, YA, Super-Squirters (not a sexual reference).

    1. You know what I'm going to ask. How is there that much lemon juice available? Logistics, people

  5. California!

    My acquaintance 'Metzger' was a California bumblebrat for thirty-one years.
    She retired in 1990 at one-hundred percent of her salary as a 'manager'.
    I asked her "What department do you manage, how many cow-orkers do you lead?"
    "On, it's nothing like that" she laughed.
    "I took the right promotion tests!" she grinned, delighted at gaming the system.
    No staff, no job-type activities, no value.
    I terminated contact in 1990; she constantly bragged about her salary of us$86,000 plus cost-of-living 'allowances' for the rest of her life... but she refused to tip restaurant staff.
    Acknowledging the existence of 'the little people' was beneath her.
    My chum Greg Goodson was a California state trooper, retiring in 1994 after thirty-four years.
    His final salary was us$94,000 with cost-of-living 'allowances'.
    He went-with-the-light in 2016, with a concluding ***monthly*** retirement bundle of over us$15,000.
    During his recall campaign for California head-bumblebrat, Schwarzenegger announced California governor 'Gray' (I wish I had a cool name!) Davis was selling state bonds to chinese at a 'B'illion dollars worth daily.
    "When I am elected governor, that will stop."
    The last I heard, chinese were buying about three 'B'illion dollars in California state bonds daily.

    Does anybody get the impression all those pensions for California bumblebrats are more important than anything else bumblebrats could do with their time?

    If chinese don't buy bonds tomorrow, California could slide off into the ocean.

    A couple days ago, Oregon head-bumblebrat 'Kate' Brown proclaimed a state of emergency, giving extra-legal powers to Oregon doctor-bumblebrats and Law Enforcement Officials.

    (And 'yes', current Oregon governor Brown is sister to four-term California ex-governor Edmund 'Moonbeam' Brown.)

    Would forty million California folks simultaneously deciding to colonize Oregon into their image justify invoking the rarely-used 'ten-second rule' of Oregon hippie-rednecks?
    Let's not test that theory.

    1. b) should be tested soon. No way the Chinese are holding on to old practices with daily bank runs in their country-oh, and with no income coming in.
      a) the ongoing economic collapse should finally get the asswhores salaries back in line with value