Tuesday, January 1, 2019

guest article ( article 2 of 2 today )

( article 2 of 2 today )
Rain and Spiders oh my! Part Six

*Lets out a big Bison ROAR* oh I see you lot are awake. Cool Bananas

We're still on Survival Mindset stuff here. That's how much importance the instructor put on it.

There's two types of situations. Probably more than two but let's go with what I wrote. (Remember the instructor is ex army SF).

Two types of situation are High speed and low speed. High speed is you're under attack by a wild dog. Low speed is you've broken your ankle on a hike. You don't have to be top of the class to get the difference.

OK we're in a situation (or we're about to get into a situation) where there's a bit of stress involved. We can do this before we go off to see the doctor and we're stressed about it (hey if you're going to shove stuff up there at least buy me a few beers. Seriously where are your manners?) maybe it's a job interview or a test? Or you have broken your ankle and shoot, that's not fair.

So what can we do that would help alleviate the stress? You already know it you bushman! It's the good ole Survival Tea Ceremony. I've come across this advice before. You're lost the first thing you should do is make yourself a cup of tea. OK so the YouTube guy was from the UK. What gave it away? His accent or calm demeanor?

What does the Survival Tea Ceremony actually do for you? Well, it forces you to slow down. This allows you to burn off the flight or fight chemestry flowing through your body (about 20 minutes), it keeps your mind and hands busy giving an opportunity to anchor yourself (see previous notes).

Strictly speaking it doesn't have to be making a cuppa. It could be drawing or whittling. Anything to slow you down.

So, what's the take away for our scenario trapped on an island with a bunch of people after your plane crashed? Make a cuppa and calm down the prettiest person. Either that or BE the prettiest person

And that's it for mindset

10% is what's happening
90% is how you think

Magazine half empty or Magazine half full

You're surrounded or there are targets all around you

Lost your job? or Got the rest of the day off!

Next instalment we move onto actual skills stuff


  1. Well presumably if the mag has any bullets in it at all, and it's in the gun, then it MUST be half empty.

    As far as the surrounded thing goes, that's the perfect position to be in to learn the short comings of a bolt gun. HA!

  2. re:
    the staff prepare a spot of tea and biscuits on the veranda

    Soften your focus. Good idea. Or clean your weapon. Or 'clean' your 'weapon'.

    * * * * *

    magazines half-full or half-empty?

    Or as the feminists frequently and knowfully allege, the magazine looked wrong, the feminist equivalent of sexual assault. Hopefully, with a clean weapon(s).

    Word Of The Day == knowfully.

  3. It seems like you are milking it just a bit too much with this extended 'series'. Is that too harsh a criticism? Oh My!!

    You're too in love with your own thoughts and words. This is the Lord Bison's site. Get your own blog if you're going to perpetually bloviate.

    1. Whoa there chief. Easy with accusations about "milking it" and "too in love with your own voice". These could be easily charged against me :) But, don't be harsh. I was sent them as they were being written and given the choice of posting together or alone. I'm the one who chose to publish by chapter, as I felt the info would be better remembered in small doses. And I encourage guest articles, so it can't be "my" blog in the sense of not posting other voices. I always post my regular article of the day, so I can't ever be accused of being a "reader written site" like a few others I won't mention. So what is the harm in the occasional guest article? It is just a bonus for everyone. And it certainly doesn't threaten me. I'm far too wonderful for any serious competition to ever matter. Sure, one article toe to toe with me they can be superior and often are. They win the battle. I'm winning the war. Mmm-kay? Be cool, peace.