Monday, June 5, 2017

screwing grandpa


The work of “re-making” my older blog posts continues.  This was from five years ago and was on the three year old trend of Seniors having their COLA ( cost of living allowances, a 1970’s instituted inflation index ) slashed under the pretend rather than the real rate of inflation.  ObamaCare had just started gathering stem and it didn’t occur to me the insurance industry ( owned by the banker elite ) would be so brazen as to jack deductibles to nose bleed elevations so as to deny most everyone any coverage after mandatory coverage was instituted by the Kenyan King ( not that Trump seems to be in any hurry to change anything.  At all.  About anything.  The only reason I paid attention to the elections was to determine if I needed a nuclear fallout filter should Hilary be elected-otherwise you knew nothing was going to change ).  The time in which I wrote that article was when the 2009 nation wide main street real economic collapse was playing out.  All the local governments drastically cutting services, unemployment skyrocketing.


And so Seniors were getting their COLA’s slashed to effectively zero and saw other benefits being cut.  Good times.  Don’t think they won’t happen again-don’t get complacent with the current interlude.  And I’ll admit, it was shocking we DID get a reprieve from that Collapse Lite.  It just doesn’t seem like that subject needs to be repeated.  If you are a Senior and are on Medicare and Social Security, and if you can’t see the writing on the wall AFTER being given a second chance to prepare, well, you deserve all the suffering you get, being too stupid to live ( a failing of most age groups today ).  Hoping the can gets kicked down the road isn’t a viable prep strategy, even if there always is a lot of that going around anyway.  No, let’s talk about not just gramps getting the shaft, but everyone.  It is tempting to take the attitude that “they’ll just hyperinflate and we’ll all get something, even if it is less”.  Is this your go-to prep plan?  It is hard to let go of the last near century of social contract, but should we?


I think what ObamaCare should have taught us all was that things are changing in huge leaps now, rather than in increments.  We already knew worse things keep happening but I think subconsciously we expected the incremental part to continue as it has for the last fifty years.  ObamaCare should have been your canary in the coal mine. After a century of increased lifespans and medical advances,  in the blink of an eye you are told you have three choices.  Roll over to the age of the Death Panel fame and lose affordable government coverage, indenture yourself to a lifetime of debt for even the most minor procedures ( that they more often than not screw up anyway, or it has zero effect ), or be rich to get proper care.  I have few problems with that.  I’ll stay healthier staying out of the doctors clutches ( even the best will overmedicate, over prescribe unnecessary surgeries or guess-timate wrong on procedure to cover their ass with their insurance, or even subconsciously as they struggle to pay college and malpractice and other overhead ) and feel confident I’ll die LATER by staying poor.


We have been taught that the poor die from lack of care but I’m making a personal bet the inverse is now true.  I won’t die from stress taking another job working solely for the taxman and the medical industry.  But all that is not the point.  Which is that our social contract was abruptly changed.  Working like a dog was always supposed to be rewarded, regardless of the  benefits that mixed and matched over time.  That is no longer the case, WAS no longer the case, but the end of medical care went beyond a work compensation.  It struck at the heart of the Industrial Age/Oil Age cultural construct which was we could live above the level of bare assed Third World savages.  Now, diseases assured to us of being eradicated are being allowed to fell us once again.  The only defense is to swear our fealty to our lord for the rest of our lives, and only then do we realize in exchange we receive the care of a quack bleeding us as a cure.  And the next time, as disease strikes us after the blood letting weakened us, we have no choice but to give up even more for another ineffectual cure.  Perhaps the second or third time you give up some more food, like some hopeless Pakistani peasant reducing his number of daily meals.


Grandpa isn’t the only one being threatened ( starving on cat food or dying of heat from no AC, or a lack of enough heat in the winter, as he desperately tries to pay property tax and medical costs ).  We all are.  Only the rich have protection.  You scoff when I speak of Class Warfare, as you have been conditioned to, yet everywhere you look your life is in danger without money.  You ride a bike as a car is too expensive?  The driver that runs you over, if not drunk, is usually only guilty of misdemeanor behavior, even if you die.  That is how deep the car culture goes to root itself deep.  Can’t pay more in a year in property tax than what you bought your house for originally?  Homeless.  Wrong address on the SWAT team 3am raid ( which is never in the better neighborhoods )?  Sorry you’re dead, officers are immune to your sense of justice.  Justice which the rich can buy-just ask any banker that profited off the 2008 crash.


I don’t scream shrilly out of a sense of being wronged.  That is just our world now.  What I implore you to understand is that far worse is coming and very quickly and for you to realize victim-hood is not a choice you get when the collapse is systematic.


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  1. I'm really looking forward to the baby boomer die off.

    Am I a bad person?

    nice hair

    1. I've said repeatedly a quick die off of more than three quarters of the population would be a GOOD thing given the nature of our current systems and infrastructure. (that, or time travel).
      And it makes me sick and sad that that is what logic dictates. I look around me, at strangers, acquaintances, co-workers, friends, and family, (and even in the mirror) and keep in mind that logic dictates that at least 3 of every 4 will need to die (quickly, like in less than 5 years total) to give our species its best chance of survival, and that every day they keep breathing makes the chance of the quick clean die off lesser. And increases the chances of causing our race to go extinct through a prolonged period of suffering, and possibly of all life in the universe.
      These thoughts can nearly bring me to tears.
      But I also get mad, furious even, at the people feeding into the victim entitlement mentality where they encourage the worst possible people to not only breed but breed prolifically! There are entire TV series devoted to the physically and mentally severely deficient breeding - A LOT. One is about a family whose parents both suffer severe dwarfism and other issues, another series celebrates the romantic lives of Down's syndrome adults, Octo-mom gets the public dole, and welfare rewards single mothers over two parent families, religious people discourage even those NOT of their religion/tribe to breed.
      Which just means MORE people have to die suddenly to give the species a fair chance.
      Diversity is good for dealing with a variety of winnowing events in the environment. More than one kid gives you a much better chance of having your genes and memes surviving into the future - but the major winnowing is about here and do we really want the future of the human race to be more genetic dwarfism and downs syndrome and strange cults and embracing helplessness and victimhood?
      Or do we want sensible logical intelligent people of diverse and modestly healthy genetic background who wish to be independent free and self-sustaining?
      Which group would be most likely to get the species and earthlike life onto other planets? (this planet is doomed, eventually at least, if not sooner).
      And the sad thing is the 1st world nations, have, for over a couple of generations now had population growth only by absorbing 3rd world nation overpopulation.
      So die-off wouldn't be so necessary or necessarily so quick (just letting old age carry off the surplus) if people globally would have breed more like 1st world nations for the past few generations. China had the right idea - maybe a little extreme and poorly implemented but at least logical.
      Since the reaper is going to be coming for us all, let us hope when he comes for our races' major winnowing he is as quick and painless as possible.
      But I doubt he will be. I think people will die in slow suffering as they suck that last of the resources of the planet to a thin watery trickle.
      And the survivors will have very little left and there might never be a recovery during the rest of our races existence.
      Sorry if that seems a bit down.
      Hope still exists in science and technology that may be able to survive the coming dark age - It is possible NOW, today, for private enterprise to send space ships as far as the moon. It is also possible to have mostly autonomous machines do things they are pre programmed to do - small machines even, including building factories to build more of the machines, etc.
      If our civilization can hold it together another 100 years we could start mining and extracting resources on an industrial scale from space.
      Our society wont hold it together that long most likely.
      But maybe a future one can take what we discovered and planned and dreamed and make it real (lots of profit and power to be made once the bootstrapping is done)

    2. Let me ask you a question. Given today's quality of manufacture, with all but the tiniest minority of companies, would you want to rely on a machine to help you breath on the moon? Systems are already way beyond that point of salvation. We'll survive. If we survived the Bottleneck Event, we'll survive any kind of collapse now. Even if we never are able to mine metal again, we'll have metal salvage for enough generations to adapt to the next Stone Age. It might be New Guinea farming highland tribal warfare from then on, but we'll be okay. Cheer up, we get to witness a historical die-off.

    3. Heh, one way or another we will witness or participate in a massive die off. It is just the speed and completeness that is of concern to me for the well being of the species we need it to be FAST but still leave more than 1% of the literate population so that the survivors have the resources and knowledge to rebuild a technical civilization, and with a little more wisdom, start getting resources from other than the very limited earth.
      And yes I would use a machine to breath on the moon - but why would I need to be there for long? I don't want to live there I want to strip mine it, have it make me my iPhony 20Zx and deliver it to my doorstep via parachute drop within 2 months of placing the order. If I was a warlord king or emperor I would wait a few months or even years or decades to get a working tank orbital dropped onto my military supply depots landing pad, or kinetic bombardment to fall on the armies of my enemies. Space is the ultimate high ground and colony for exploitation. First one to make an ongoing profit off it wins in the war of nations/tribes.
      My warlords orbital spy sattelites will see your nomadic raiding parties coming and meet them with either dropped rocks or overwhelming military force.
      Still wouldnt probably be worth taking over the whole of the desert to put an end to the nomads, but they would become no big deal.
      All it takes to succeed in this way is a willingness to kill lots of human pawns, have the self-replicating tech (we're almost there about 20 years more development and it would be done, it is resource extraction and processing that is the biggest bottle neck for now), and just enough free energy and materials to get the first dozen landers up there.
      The return on investment would be slow at first. Possibly as much as decades down the road ("Here you go my son, prince Justborn, the first space factory dropped crossbow and the key codes to the control systems...")
      New Guinea farming highland tribal warfare forevermore means our race will get hit by an extinguishing disaster eventually.
      Space conquest, even if one removed, would get us the option of our species living beyond the lives of the stars themselves. I am hopefull that we can get past this newest bottleneck to the conquest.
      But logic demands a quick, clean, partial die off that leaves much of the remaining infrastructure, knowledge and resources mostly intact.

    4. Sorry, but I'll never agree space colonization, exploitation is viable. We couldn't do it prior to Peak Oil, nor could anyone else. Ain't gonna happen. You are right, space control is military dominance. Hence,if it could have been done it would have been already.

    5. We rushed into it. We had 1950s tech, and let the governments do it for PR purposes, then let them sign away by treaty the two real reasons for getting there - Military power and Financial (resource) profit are both forbidden by international law and treaty. Even so just for PR purposes we landed men on the moon a dozen times, still have orbital human occupied labs, and lots of satellites (just the improved weather forecasts made possible by satellites pays for most of our space infrastructure to date).
      Space might never become colonized/ exploited by humans, but that will be because we have prematurely shot our wad - if we were to have the same investment as the manhattan and apollo project into producing a self sustaining space exploitation system (probably mostly remote controlled robots, with no humans having to be in space for long), we could have it done and producing profit in a decade or two. But the prices for the resources to achieve that keep going up and the red tape and treaties tie our hands. It is too far off for any government administration to be able to take seriously, and too expensive in bad PR and resources for private enterprises at this point.
      It requires a country willing to take the really long view, while not being conservative, and willing to run massive risks. I can easily see any such country starting such a project just to have outside nations cause a regime change- no-one else is allowed such a clear victory after all.

    6. Aren't we still living with '50's tech? What has fundamentally changed except perhaps DNA coding, if even that? I won't even bring up the tinfoil hat question of if we even landed on the moon at all.

  2. Spot on, the boomers or gluttony elders who screwed and gamed the system will have their own v.i.p. line at the fema feeding centers. The one near the rail siding or bus parking.

    1. To be fair, of course, we'd have slurped at the trough, vomited, and gone back for more, ourselves. Human nature.

  3. @ JJ Grey

    Absolutely, but not only that. Those who receive society's help are extremely aggressive and do not plan anything in advance.

    Survivalists are fond of good husbandry of their possessions, like farmers used to tend their land and shepherds their flock.

    These people own nothing. Everything they see belongs to somebody else. If we wouldn't give them something they would create immense chaos in trying to seize it by themselves.

    My family and I had the misfortune to see one of these types get into our family (my father's #2), it has cost us very dearly in time, money, patience and health, and still costs us to this day.

    These people don't plan for anything, if they were to fend for themselves they would end up killed on somebody's farm : they will NEVER STARVE to death, but try everything, especially the most stupid things, which are very hard to prepare against.

    I'm convinced that the bulk of nowadays assassinations/murders revolve around these types, either because someone wants to get rid of them, or more frequently because killing is the only plan they came up with.

    The only thing you can do to protect your people is to change their mindset so they would not hesitate to kill these people in a dire situation. In fact, I would never have believed this necessity myself if I had not witnessed the wickedness and where it leads to.

    I wonder how much of "neighbourly help" in the aftermath of a hurricane is simply done to keep these people from getting aggressive when they come to your place begging for stuff.

    Every interaction you have with these people is degrading your life like a permanent shitstain, so this is why people do not want to act against them, and when you do your life is destroyed.

    No winning strategies here.

    1. Saddest thing about these people as I can easily see how I can become one by choosing a path of least resistance.
      Disability, unemployment, welfare, public charity of all sorts are there for people. The purse strings are tightening, but the first to fall off are those who don't fit one of the protected classes.
      But one can claim to be a member of several minorities (gay, hindu, every non-white race, etc) and get all sorts of help - especially if one aggressively yells about others prejudice when they don't help one... No friends made that way, but upfront bribes might be more important in the short term... :<

    2. >> "I can easily see how I can become one by choosing a path of least resistance."

      Actually you would be a "First Generation" underclass member, whereas some people are well into the fourth generation of this. There have been like that their entire lifetime, and perfected this.

      If you come from a productive mindset then you'll be on the bottom of the totem pole amongst them, especially if single with no children. You'll have clanic structures with multiple ramifications, solidifed with multiple marriages and recomposed family. Everybody's is somebody's half son or something.

      The best book to describe this is "The Garbage Generation" by Daniel Amneus, available in form of webpages here :

    3. Actually, no I would be SECOND generation. That is why it would be so easy. I got to lower middle class as an upward climb with almost no family assistance, as they thought public assistance would have been a better choice for me. I spent nearly a year couch surfing while trying to work min wage jobs and attend college, I bought the golden shackles of student debt and fastened them tightly around my own ankles not knowing any better - but now I am the working lower middle class.
      I could have my spouse file divorce and could be a single parent and on the dole nearly overnight if I were willing to move back to a coastal state and put up with privacy invading social workers.
      Not doing it obviously, that path has an upcoming and painfully hard stop for those who are on it.
      Getting rid of the golden shackles of student debt is my biggest hurdle, and getting to live on my land while keeping my current employment would be the biggest help for that.

    4. I see, well I hope you'll be free as soon as possible. Sometimes, when setting a milestone, it is suefull to ask the question "then what ?". After a milestone has been reached people plan for short-term goals but not big poes.

      (As for myself there are no big goals anymore but it's okay like that)