Wednesday, September 28, 2016

new math attitude 2 of 3


Our Elites have always been in Empire Acquisition Mode.  Since prior to 1776.  I won’t rehash except to timeline things for you in a few paragraphs ( we have other fish to fry today besides the historical asswhores that enslaved us ).  A large part of what drove the revolution was the halt on western expansion dictated by the British Crown.  Our rich humpers over here, who had been gleefully hauling in the profits under said Brits, had also been in charge of Indian genocide ( which was profitable ) and there was no way in Hades that some Limey sum-bitch was going to stop their gravy train by recognizing the “rights” of red heathen savages.  Freedom and independence got the rubes lined up in front of the Redcoats formation ( I used to be your typical military type hating on draft dodgers.  After reading a bit of history, I no longer hold that view.  Patriotism is a manipulative device used against the poor-now I just feel sorry for anyone who willingly signs up or is dragooned ).


The War Between The States was never about slavery.  The idiots who pushed the Constitution on us, destroying States rights and empowering the federal government, allowed the institution willingly to get the then sovereign States in the South to give up their independence over a hundred years prior to the Civil War.  By the federal governments own laws, slavery was legal.  I can’t believe anyone buys into the myth anymore, except FedGov minions.  And after the South’s defeat ( and they were far from innocent themselves, employing nearly the same centralizing tendencies as their enemy-but they were LESS evil.  Yes, even if they owned slaves.  The Yankees did too, but hid that asshattery behind lies and deception, just as they do now ) the feds didn’t even pretend the states residents were anything less than serfs.  They were now imperial subjects and were to be used as chattel ( now, what was the Civil War fought about? ). 


And all that crap in the twentieth century, that was straight up imperial government, from establishing a central bank to stealing gold to slaughtering our soldiers in foreign adventures.  We have always been an empire.  Any educated historian pussy-footing around that is an ignorant toady.  And the average citizen cared less we were an empire, could care less if we killed Indians or Mormons or Blacks or little brown men overseas, or the poor misguided fools in our own uniform, as long as they got some benefits from that.  Do you think the average American hates himself because he is a fat slob lugging around a marshmallow carcass from car to cubical to couch?  Hell to the no, yo!  We wallow in leisure and laziness like a pig in mud on a hot day.  What we do emphatically NOT enjoy is someone trying to take away our god given right to said luxuries and leisure time.  We figure we did the hard part, cheering Grandpa Earl on as he lost a limb to a Jap shell, and so we deserve what we were promised.


The last fifty to sixty years of social unraveling was due to one thing and one thing only ( all others are effects rather than causes ).  Imperial subjects who had willingly done the heavy lifting for the ruling class were slowly but surely deprived of their promised piece of the pie.  Their payoff.  Bitches gots to be paid, yo!  The proletariat was promised their reward for supporting the system, and as net oil shrunk ( by this time, ALL wealth had been tied to oil, and oil alone ) they had to be paid less and less.  As population increased and net oil shrank, per capita energy declined.  Hence the share of wealth decreased.  As population increased and net oil declined and more wealth was diverted to the ghettos to pacify those who had little then saw they were in line to get less that that, as immigration increased and automation increased so that less wealth went to the workers, as women were put in the workforce and northern factories shuttered, social cohesion disintegrated.  


Everyone getting less fought far more bitterly to lose less than the other guy.  Of course, those multigenerational conflicts all came to naught, for in the end everyone not on the elites Endangered Species List lost almost everything.  All that is left is 150 channels on TV and corn derivative diets and an early death from malnourishment, far worse medical care and the formaldehyde off-gassing from their mobile homes interior.   Or, if they work hard at it, from smoking, cell phone brain cancer or a auto wreck.  We mostly focus on the freefalling economy after the ‘70’s oil crashes, and all the follow on effects to today, but you don’t go from Happy Days to the Sex Pistols overnight.  Selfish asswhores screwing everyone else didn’t suddenly manifest itself because of The Pill or a fall in church attendance or Vietnam or whatever.  As a forced together non-homogenous racist xenophobic class conscious group of individuals, we were NEVER a tribe.  Obviously we held our crap together for many generations before we openly manifested out hatred towards each other.


If you asked a Politically Correct Crossing Guard, a commutard, a liberal armpit hair weaving Birkenstock wearing Volvo driving tree hugger, we have all learned to in fact get along.  Don’t believe it for a second.  We despise one another ( do you wonder why you have so few friends or that you can’t find a prepper group?  There you go ).  Not for historical slights ( that idea is placed into soft pudding heads by their handlers to regurgitate at command ) or skin color or age or gender.  That is all just handy identifiers on the battlefield.  We hate the very ground everyone else walks on because those whores are stealing what is rightfully ours.  And that started long before Watts burned down.  When, I couldn’t exactly tell you-that is a lifetime research subject.  But intuitively you agree with me.  It took awhile for everyone to catch on they were getting shafted and the only reason the Sixties saw such conflict because the seeds had long ago been planted and watered.  We’ll finish up tomorrow.


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  1. thanks.
    i am southern and knew slavery had nothing to do with the war, but i had believed what i was taught in elementary school about the revolution being for liberty.

    had no idea that the brits, who were slave owners, wanted to preserve the native americans.
    but i did notice that washington was not freezing to death with the men at valley forge.

  2. " you wonder why you have so few friends or that you can’t find a prepper group?"

    You mentioned this to me recently and I may have mistaken what you said and I never commented back. Now I understand you better and I agree.

    When I was about 12, and just starting to be a complete person, my Pappy told me I was a dinosaur - becoming extinct. He said I will not get along with most people so life will be rough for me. At the time, in my still immature brain, I thought he was slandering me, but in hindsight I know he was being kind in his own way, and truthful.

    The older I get the smarter my dad becomes.

    I get along with most people but it's because I try to. I never reveal all of my cards for there is no advantage to do so.

    There is always the business motive in that everyone is a potential customer so treat them as if they are, until they have proven themselves otherwise.

    In the 10 years I have lived here in the sticks I have met and gotten along with all the neighbors and people in an extended range around me, but only 1 of them is considered *tribe worthy*, and even he is held with extreme caution.

    Simply, when it comes to my own life I am not casual about it and as times in this country keep becoming more and more critical I keep everything even closer to the vest.

    I'd rather be a lone wolf than take chances with people that haven't proven themselves.

    This is the only life I'll ever own and no one gets to say anything about it at all and those that try can just go pound long sand right now.

    1. Next weeks article covers extreme mistrustfulness. You're living it far better than I, of course.

    2. One of the happiest days of my life was when our son turned 18 for no longer would I live under the potential threat of financial embalment - he was now his own person and no one will ever use him as a tool against me, ever.

      For men with kids less than 18 years old, ask yourself, "Will she sell my ass out if they threaten to take her kids?"

      You already know the correct answer.
      Now you know the level of mistrust I live under every day. And you should too.

    3. I was a naïve mixture of Old School ( love/respect/trust spouse ) and New ( kiss the princess' ass no matter what/you aren't in charge/what is sex? ). Never saw the blindside coming. Great lessons, however. Better learned in bankruptcy court than the battlefield.

    4. I find a mixture of Old School and new can work if one is not Naïve about it. love/respect/trust of spouse and life partner is essential. Romantic gestures and kindness and ego boosting when necessary is also useful. Sufficient sex for both partners and open communication about what Sufficient is. Gender stereotype household roles must be willing to be bent and even broken when necessary, while still adhering to what is best suited for the person and what is most needed for the family. I.E. overall strategic direction for the family is in the hands of the partner that is most suited for it while taking input from the other partner. Budget is likewise controlled (and both partners have their own discretionary budgets to spend as they see fit). Dish washing is done by the person with the time and inclination, complaining about it not being done means its your chore next.

    5. My take on domestic chores is, if you both work for a paycheck, you split the chores. NOL cooks like a pro, so I do the dishes and floors and bathroom. I cook one day a week to give her a break. Hint: use lots of butter. Your cooking will improve from Top Raman & Burned Steak.