Thursday, April 14, 2016

idiogracy 3 of 3


I hope by now you all see where I am going with this.  I mostly leave aside individual capacities and focus on the fault of institutions.  People can act dumb but be capable of being smart ( as they say, the brain is a muscle like all the rest and needs to be exercised ) or they can just be dumb, but culture is the species intelligence and when a culture is retarded most people will act the same way regardless of personal inclinations.  To look at it optimistically, then, perhaps most people are smart enough.  But they aren’t allowed to practice it in today’s society.  Let’s talk about two other forces contributing to institutional idiocy, besides the aforementioned substandard education and the profit over everything else corporate culture.  Compensation and feminization.  I’ll elaborate, but in short it means we get paid so little, as a control mechanism, that any intelligence you might have once used to the benefit of your company is suppressed.  And with feminization I refer to the practice of frantically ignoring the laws of physics in order to reward females for being born without testicles, with a corresponding punishment of said equipped gender.


The two biggest travesties of Political Correctness is reverse racism and feminine racism.  Blacks are held in some kind of mythical holy status, incapable of doing any wrong ( if the PCA [ politically correct army ] had their way any innocent White, even pregnant females or the elderly and infirm, would be fair game for unprovoked attack by any Black, in the name of historical injustice ) and forever needing pampering and special treatment.  This does not mean, of course, the members of the PCA will take a ghetto dweller and invite them into their own home and subsidize them-oh dear me, no.  It just means those poorer than themselves should do so.  One gets the feeling that a PCA member was responsible for such moronic decisions as hiding Section 8 Housing amongst White Bread Land Suburbia.  Anyway, I don’t wish to go off on a tangent on that, as there are plenty of others on the Web ranting against it.  The worse policy of the two is denying any difference between the sexes and treating women as physically equal to men.  Equal in every other way, yes; superior in some ways, of course; equal in upper body strength and physical aggressiveness,  not a friggin chance.  But by pretending it is so, we have weak ass Nancy’s protecting us militarily and on the city beat and in positions such as linepersons for the electric company or in other jobs.  Pretending bitches can do anything better than men has a direct decrease in our effectiveness and preparedness and ability to respond to emergencies. 


Moving on to compensation, I think it can successfully be argued that almost every job today is underpaid.  It wasn’t enough that illegal Mexicans drastically reduced pay ( I’m not talking about lettuce pickers, but about more skilled jobs.  Either illegals got “forgiven” with amnesties or their children were counted as legal and over generations placed severe pressure downwards in accepted wages ), such examples as construction workers and meat cutters going from Union level pay to minimum wage, but then when that itself proved to be such an unfair burden to the rich, then in addition hours were cut across the board ( usually under the guise of reducing the costs of medical insurance ).  Almost every single jurisdiction is seeing insane housing costs and rental prices ( banker manipulation ) and almost every one has zoning forcing people into the higher cost dwellings.  Along with most being forced into dependency on others to grow their food ( it is all well and good to say “move to the country”, but in reality 99% of us are forced to stay where the paychecks are-there are only so many positions open for Internet Survivalist Guru ).


Almost all of us are living in two income households, and still falling far behind every year.  The system is indeed rigged.  And the lifetime prison sentence has a direct effect on institutions.  Added to the regular cheating and half-assedness dictated by the boss to achieve the impossible, now add in the effects of stress and discontent.  Dissatisfied workers will sabotage and undermine.  Not necessarily maliciously, but out of being dissatisfied, stressed and pressured.  At every level for every position, you have workers looking for an angle or a shortcut or simply not caring enough to put in full effort.  That is just human nature.  But today’s elite, having less vision than a blind retarded professor in an ivory tower, only look at any worker making any money at all as a thief and an imposition to their goal of all robots all the time for every task.  Human workers are less than trash to them.  There is zero accommodation or understanding.  Cultural/institutional idiocy is assured. 
( I hope I made a decent account of the last three articles of this series-if not I apologize.  I was sick for a week with some nasty cold thing going around and the last two days of this writing is when I was near dead on my feet and my mind barely able to concentrate )
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  1. (At every level for every position, you have workers looking for an angle or a shortcut or simply not caring enough to put in full effort.)

    In Russia there is a saying "They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work."

    Chuck Findlay

    1. I use a variant on that from time to time-it hasn't caught on. It isn't as if the Protestant Work Ethic is exactly alive and well. Perhaps the faint hint of sulphur still accompanies it.