Wednesday, February 4, 2015

rich preppers

OMG!!!LOL!!!  Other unknown text abbreviations mirroring mirth and astonishment!!!  I’d been on a pretty austere book budget these last few months, but a week ago the pre-Christmas shopping Amazon commissions came in and thank you wonderful minions!  I’d been surviving on $60 a month and this last one was $150.  So I treated myself to a better class of paper books AND added a bonus of Kindle book buying.  The first one I started reading was “The Dark Times-Part One: The Beginning” by Jerry D Young.  And right there was the reason for the opening sentence.  This guy is a frigging astronaut on his own planet.  Not just Prepper Porn, but Stupid Rich Prepper Porn In Comic Book Fantasy Levels.  Page after page of insane listings of extreme spending to prep.  I’m talking about a FLEET of custom made vessels to go get spices just to warm things up.  The buying spree, not warming things up with spicy hot spices.  The spices from Indonesia.   Custom designed battle rifles with hundreds of thousands of magazines and an ammunition factory to stockpile millions of rounds of each caliber.  Then, after all that, he spills another astonishing brain fart.  Survivalists are crazy bastards, only intent on overthrowing the government.  But preppers, ah, wonderful preppers are the serious ones.  The smart ones.  The ones who will survive.


Needless to say, I about near passed a bloody stool.  Any survivalist worth his or her salt avoids confronting the government, fully and properly paranoid enough to realize that is Threat One and to be avoided at all costs.  Militia Morons might want another government, not survivalists.  We can institute one of our liking after this one implodes.  On its own, without our help.  Preppers are those that want to survive in middle class comfort and somehow magically continue that level of living indefinitely ( how to do so is usually treated with unrealistic expectations ).  They think even a civilization collapse is nothing more than unworthy poor people dying off and leaving them alone ( a propeller beanie cap tip to Russell on that one ).  A survivalist knows civilization collapse is coming, knows it will be a 95% die off and knows there won’t be any resources left to rebuild with at anywhere near 19th or even 17th century levels and the best to hope for is surviving 500+ years of another Dark Ages ( humanity surviving, given the resource loss-it is definitely going to be an evolution bottleneck given how slowly soil rebuilds naturally ).  And throwing money at the problem doesn’t increase your odds all that much.  Thinking it does freezes you in the current paradigm and will definitely cloud your thinking for the worse.  And publishing religious level worship towards rich preppers is information at its worse.  Information without wisdom.  It was a cheap novel to buy, so I‘m still reading it, but I fear my soul will pay a higher price.


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  1. Dear gods. A prepper that owns an entire planet?!? Rawles must be quivering in envy! I feel a bit disappointed in myself, Lord Bison of the desert, as I only have 5 acres. I do have a few spices in my spice rack, though! Little low on cinnamon right now....
    I think we need new nomenclature. The *Survivalist* tag has been sullied by the media that views all of them as nutjobs or psychos and the general public has been led down that path to believe them. *Preppers* has also suffered the same due to tv shows a la *Doomsday Preppers*. I always sorta considered myself a *prepper*, but now I would be hesitant to identify myself as such. Now that we have moved to our farm, I usually call myself a *homesteader*.
    I know, I know...what's in a name....a rose by any other name....and all that.

    So, I'll throw it out there, got a better name? A new one that will identify those of the prepper/survivalist/homesteader mindset (or should we WANT to be identified...there's the rub...) that doesn't have the negative connotation that those labels currently have.

    1. Malthusians. I'd take credit, but I didn't invent it. Shouldn't be any confusion what calamity you foresee and prep for.

  2. Fear not fair haired one. Souls have a way of balancing out. Or maybe it will creep out with the bloody stool. Either way, you'll be fine in a few days(weeks?). Eat some flatbread and make up some reloads as penence.

    1. Actually, too much flatbread. Never a chance for a bloody stool.

  3. Not all people think the way you do.
    It depends on the amount of money you cn spare to prepared for the *mini-apocap*. I was hired by the employer of my girlfriend to go to a nation (*********) to supervise the construction, purchase in secrecy the necessary items and direct all the workers (foreing to that nation, also) to do the construction of *the shack*.he constructed. Of course I was not aloowed to see many of the construction underground(expensive and extensive) I knew of one room with an 8" door that you can drive a small car through it. That is in an area that very famous people in the U.S.A. have similar *sacks*. Can say any more but if I was you I wont critique Jerry D. Young. One of his books was there when I unpacked the stuff sent to the *shack.

    BTW. I was paid very well and the guy that owns that place died recently of uncontrolled diabetis.

    I was praise your hair but I don't see much..

    Your No1 fan.


  4. He has a huge fan base. He also has a number of items published free on the internet. I am guessing that the people who like him are fans of the men's action adventure style of survialism.

    1. Yep, the OTHER Jerry. I don't mind most of his stuff, but this one was WAY out there.

  5. As an aside, the Druid Guy has noted that William R. Catton Jr died at 89 last month. I believe you have mentioned his book "Overshoot" a number of times.

    1. Just read Druid Dude this morning. Overshoot is THE bible of non-poser survivalists. You really don't need any other book, outside of how-to's.

  6. Yeah, I too was suckered into buying the thing. It goes on and on with a fantasy list of buy the world lol
    At the very end it my next book suckers !

    Never have understood the shave your hair down to the bone....nature put it there for reason, insulation, radiation protection and collision avoidance.
    I let mine grow until it becomes a hassle then chomp it off down to about an inch long.
    Or is it vanity and going bald which makes guys want to skim it to the bone in order to hind the fact. Personally I don't care if the world notices the refeeding. However I do like the protection factor of that inch or so of cushion.

    1. Shaving my head ( marine high and tight, gives it a bit of fashion ) is saving money. Now it is saving money and water. Been doing it for near 25 years when the barber w/tip was the same cost as a pair of clippers. Look at my Lord Bison link to my picture. That is my head shaved seven days ago ( cut every week ). I have thick hair.

    2. It is awfully convenient James. I often do it myself, and it's hassle free. Wake up, don't have to wet and then comb a messy head of hair; ready to go!

      Stock up on bulk military wool caps or balaclava's, and the insulation part is taken care of. A lightweight broad rimmed hat takes care of the summers.

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