Monday, May 7, 2018

unemployed in the apocalypse 2 of 3

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Please don’t confuse possibilities with probabilities.  While it is possible that China will risk nuclear hellfire by detonating an EMP over the center of the US to send us back to the Stone Age, far more probable that they merely leave us alone and let us ruin ourselves economically.  All these preppers waiting for the lights to go out should instead be getting out of debt and training how to be able to live on one tenth the income they do now ( funny how all the militia porn practitioners pushing for training in first aid, marksmanship, small unit tactics and etcetera rarely ever focus on living in poverty.  War is likely, but far more likely is economic collapse WITH social stability ).


Look, crime is at insane levels here in the US.  It has little to do with guns, so hump you until you bleed rectally, leftist humps.  Crime is fundamentally about poverty.  Not that I’m blaming the greedy 1% and excusing criminals.  I’d LOVE a return to vigilante justice so I could ambush those abusing my rural property.  A few heads on piles and you get more respect for private property than a fence provides.  But you cannot have all stick and no carrot.  You still need to give lowlife scumbags a choice between committing crime or not.  And the way our economy is set up today, there are plenty of areas that do not provide employment, such as factories leaving isolated towns or farm towns with all the land owned by corporations.


Anyway, if you are unaware how bad the economy is out there, content to drink the grape Kool-Aid of the globalists, you need to wake the hell up and look around.  Economic collapse is SOOO baked into the cake, just waiting the petrodollar collapse to suck into its orbit the few remaining areas still remaining blissfully unaware as imperial booty still flows towards them.  The question is not if you will be unemployed but when.  Preparing for the zombie apocalypse is actually fine and dandy.  You’ll need all that ammunition for the collapse of western civilization.  BUT.  Before the collapse of civilization comes the economic collapse.  Which is ongoing but you confuse its lack of effect on you as a lack of existence. 


In this case, preparing for nuclear war does NOT prepare you for lesser collapses.  Prior to 2003, I was writing that a fallout shelter doesn’t pay the property tax on the land it is buried on.  And I knew a LOT less back then.  Nothing has happened to change my mind since then, only strengthened my observation.  Most conventional wisdom on preparedness is assuming we have a nuclear war ( or, in modern parlance, an EMP ) and gainfully employed cubicle warriors instantly step into a phone booth and change into the red underwear of Tommy Tactical ready to mount their BOV in the bat cave.


It is easy to say “don’t be in debt” while you are preaching high dollar preparations, but far harder to actually pull that off.  99% of preppers who subscribe to the necessity of MRE’s, arsenals of semi’s, concrete bunkers and the like are over their head in debt to finance trophy wives, both urban and rural property and a fleet of vehicles to commute to both.  They work harder and harder on their gerbil wheel least their cash flow is ever interrupted.  But working hard is no guarantee of job security.  In many work environments today, working harder and not having time to fawn over the bitches running the workplace cabals might prove fatal.


Working hard is fine.  Bitches sitting around socializing need somebody to actual generate revenue.  But working harder and harder and expecting more and more money to pay for rising costs is already a plan proven to be doomed to fail.  The needs of the money class far outweigh any once a decade raise you might actually get.  Long ago we lost the ability to be paid a living wage ( for all but the 9% Praetorians ).  Then we lost the ability to gain even a fraction of our increased productivity.  The only target left, those jobs not outsourced or replaced with a robot, is the 9%.


I don’t mean to belittle those making decent money.  You worked hard and deserve whatever rewards you gained.  Be it civil servants or corporate welfare recipient twice removed, nobody makes good bank without working their ass off ( except politicians or bankers, but they still have life shortening stress ).  But THAT arrangement won’t last too much longer.  How about those hundreds of workers at Deutsche Bank just let go, from one of the worlds biggest swindlers only surpassed by Golden Sacks ( misspelling intentional.  All hail my cleverness! )?  No-damn-bodies job is safe anymore.


If your spoiled Yuppie head isn’t shoved too far up your ass, you know there are many areas in the states today that are employment deserts.  Appalachia coal country, the state of New Mexico outside two cities, rural South, entire Rust Belt cities.  They are kept on life support by federal and state welfare ( no, you Rush Limbaugh rectal licker, I do NOT look down on individuals on welfare.  Far too many corporations surpass them in cost ).  In some areas, medical welfare is legitimate, but in some it is the only thing bringing money into the area and so there are huge frauds ongoing.  Too bad.  That is the price of bribing away civil unrest.


Those areas that appear normal, such as Beverly Hills, San Francisco or the like, are gated communities that are the last wealth pumps in the economy.  They are last to be targeted, but they WILL be targeted.  If you are the last baron with a silo, the hungry king will visit you next.  It doesn’t matter that you helped the king steal it all from the peasants.  You could be the nicest, hardest working fellow around and if you are benefiting from the wealth pump ( could California afford sanctuary cities if we weren’t occupying Afghanistan? ), you are the next target for wealth confiscation.  First comes unemployment, then comes unpaid property tax asset seizure. 


Could I stretch this out an entire three articles?  Let’s see tomorrow.

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  1. "It is easy to say “don’t be in debt” while you are preaching high dollar preparations, but far harder to actually pull that off."

    Far harder than what, NOT pulling it off?
    It's all about priorities and each person gets to choose the pathway to being debt free.

    It's mostly about doing more and using less.
    Stop using the phone, and get a TracFone, and use it as a little needed necessity rather than a device to distract you from doing more.

    Stop watching "pay" TV.
    Get a $20 Walmart antenna and use it less, while doing more.

    Stop eating out and stop eating expensive food - it all just ends up in the septic tank so it doesn't matter what it was or how much it cost. There is no human on this planet that requires more than about $20-30 worth of food a week and I am being gratuitous.

    Get rid of the car payments.
    Buy a used car with cash and get the minimal state required insurance and pay the whole year in one chunk (keep the interest in your own pocket), and let the thing sit in the driveway most of the time. THINK about and PLAN the driving you must do and maximize each trip.

    Lose the shelter rent payments.
    BUY a dump and write off the costs as business expenses. Do it right and you'll make BIG money on the thing. You DO have a side business that allows this, right? No? Why the hell not? Do you like being poor and miserable and stressed out 24/7?

    While you're NOT wasting time on the phone and TV get online at the library and read and watch videos by people that know what they're doing about self finances and learn from them on how to maximize everything. It's all out there and waiting for you to grab it and exploit it to your advantage. Have you read Carnegie's "How to Influence People", or Zigler's "See You At The Top", or Napolean Hill's "Think, and Grow Rich", or anything by Clement Stone, or Trump's "Art of the Deal"? Why the hell not? Do you enjoy being poor?

    Go sit your ass on the porch and spend YUGE time doing something that not that long ago people did all the time but rarely do any more. THINK! There's only one sure way in this life that you will get out of it what you want, cause no one is going to give it too you, and that is to figure out all the microscopic things that you can do, and avoid, to rise from the gutter. This won't happen overnight but as can be verified by millions it will happen. BE one of those millions. Or not. YOUR choice.

    Or, you can read this, yawn with glazed eyes, and go back to your miserable existence. No matter what you choose you will get exactly what you deserve.

    Peace. Onward.

    1. I'm hearing you on the money saving frugal tips, but you're losing me on the "think and grow rich" stuff. Short term, you are correct. Long term, money doesn't mean spit. It will revert to its intrinsic value. If I'm reading that wrong, my apologies. If I'm right, I think it is a disservice to people to advise them to focus too much on acquiring riches. Money has NOT been based on gold or even land for some time but instead oil ( although wealth is always based on energy in one form or another, gold just being a universal agent for purchasing more energy ). And EROI oil is decreasing. Wealth is contracting. Why chase it?

    2. Yeah, simple pleasures and a very basic lifestyle is in of it's self more valuable than money. I can be relaxed and easy going in under 10k a year, and still be "comfortable". The related stress and manic obsessive behavior on a gerbil wheel is toxic. Minions would benefit by a de-evolution down to a ground level lifestyle that is going to be a certainty come closer to and at the time of collapse festivities.

    3. Unless you need a FLIR scope, by all means stay on the gerbil wheel.

    4. Why chase it?

      Because it's just about the only game in town. Look, I'm not in favor of anything this rotten assed gov't/central bank tyrannical-criminal enterprise has done but as long as legal tenders are the means of exchange it's seem self explanatory that you try to garner as many as possible any way you can without hurting anybody. If you can find means in which to barter, I'm all for it, but I don't come across much of that. Maybe in collapse it will happen but now, not so much.

      Lemme tell you something. There is far more to earning BIG money than simply showing up, which is about all that 99% of this country is capable of. You have to recognize that every single person you encounter is a potential possibility or earning money. I'm speaking strictly as a person that is trying to swim uphill and wrest 100% control of my life as a self employed person willing to work exchange with anyone anywhere.

      Yes, by all means do with less in all ways.
      And simultaneously figure out ways to make your life better. This is an internal thing that everyone is capable of. You show me a man, any man, that says he makes enough money and I'll show you a goddamned liar and most likely a thief. Watch very closely the man that makes such a claim, but better still, keep away from him.

      Sometime during the industrial age the attitude of workers changed to that of dependence upon others and that's why there are so many helpless people with handicapped brains and body's running around without the first clue. Just about everyone has been programmed into slavery one way or another.

      When you've been in that fog all of your life you tend to blame others for your plights and suffer from extremely limited capability to see resources all around you. Your brain has been camouflaged so that it is unable to see things the way they are. THAT is what is going to cull so many people when things get really tough.

    5. I stipulate that there is another game in town, minimizing the money that you need. I know we are all dependent on the system. Been that way for thousands of years ( as far as a money based system ). But needing less gives me more breathing room on the downside of the economy. Why are we measuring life happiness in money, anyway? I'm finally successful living on very little. Took decades. I still have a great life and am fulfilled. If someone loves the Benjamin's, fine. More power to them. But why is it the only metric? Look at some of these rich Hollywood pukes-they still die in the end from a corrupt and dismal medical system. Did money help them out? I'm not claiming it is the worst way to live-just not the only one.

    6. A minion that makes decisions and takes actions to be able to live a minimalist lifestyle and establish cushions to impacts of life is a genius savant. By staying low to the ground and making tactical and strategic choices then a minion comes out super fly! What about physical accidents or illnesses that knock you off of your perch in that fancy tree? Long fall to the ground. Jobs or business can evaporate from many reasons. government goons or pencil kneck nerd dictates can stunt it or shut it down. I have given up trying to be the armorer and quartermaster to a fictional tribe that may not ever materialize. Circle the wagons, dig in, and relax a spell before events catch up to the prophesies your primordial brain has been speaking of.

    7. Of course, yes, a minimalist lifestyle can kick you in the ass when an accident happens. Few savings, no insurance. But even a good paycheck and insurance isn't necessarily a guarantee you can cover the accident. No at today's insane prices. It really is a "six of one, half dozen of the other" problem. But you can cope better with other issues. Still problems as a minimalist, but hopefully less. Lady Luck can overrule all your best plans.

    8. something will get you in the end.

      ghostsniper is right about the brain fog.
      i have it. don't know how to get rid of it.
      one of my doctors opened her own business while in college. she wasn't rich, she saw the possibilities and acted. iwould never have thought of it or if i had would have thought it beyond me.
      parents the same way. 'finish school, get a job.' be a drone. that's all the vision they had.
      ghostsniper's children will have the advantage of most of us drones.
      my doctor then went to med school after keeping up with school, businesses, marriage and kids.
      how did she do it?
      probably related to ghostsniper.
      maybe it is genetic, the clear vision and inventiveness. i just don't have it.

    9. I don't think you should concern yourself with Would-a's, Could-a's. Some folks have different enough brains that one size doesn't fit all. Your doc could have had a photographic memory to help with school, she had a manager at the business, she married another professional so it was mutually understood it was okay to ignore each other. Or did she get a divorce later? Or, she was so all consumed with being a doc just for the love of doing that, it wasn't a sacrifice but a burning passion. If you find your true passion, nothing gets in your way. You need less sleep, you organize your time more effectively, spending money or TV ( distractions when you don't have a passion ) are easily ignored. As for your parents, school and job wasn't about being a drone, or lacking imagination or not being smart. It was about the real goal in life which was having a companion and a family. The drone job was just how you got there. They had more realistic priorities. Money was a means to an end, not an end itself. I think their heads were on straighter.

    10. @Deborah, I just plain got tired of living like other people thought I should. I had 33 jobs, braindead jobs, jobs that would have killed my brain if I continued that way. At the age of 31 I said, "Enough.", and I took a chance. GASP! How dare I???

      I am a designer of buildings and that's what I did for other people for 14 years, among other things, then while working at job 33 I started doing sidework designing buildings in the evenings and weekends. I worked my 40 hr week during the day and then another 20+ hrs in my off time. In less than 2 years I found I was making more in my after hours than during my work week. My day job was preventing me from making more money. So I quit the day job and started working for myself full time. I was working my 40 hours and my 20 hours but now I was keeping ALL the money. By being the boss and the employee I took on more responsibility and doing larger projects and even more money. There's only one way to make more money, do more work, and do it smarter.

      One thing for certain, if you want to stay poor keep working for other people. THEY make the big money and you are counting pennies to pay the bills. If you can't figure out how to break this cycle, if you content yourself that this is your lot in life, then that is what you will surely have.

      There is probably no other place on this planet that will give you the elbow room to exploit your full human capabilities like the US does and to not take advantage of that evokes nothing but contempt from people that have taken control of their lives.

      Smartest people in the world? pffft....They prefer to blob out on the couch and blame others.

      My goal? To make as much money as possible while simultaneously reducing my necessity for that money.

      "I control the money, it doesn't control me."
      --gs, 2099

    11. Some people do feel free just working a lot less, or having a drone job that doesn't require their brain/soul. Perhaps they don't want to monetize their passion, so they just work for Da Man for just enough. It takes all kinds, right?

    12. With the exception of the rare, work from home computer type of job, or home based business, that’s pretty much been my preference all along. Totally low key kind of job, with a minimum of exposure to the general public. I delivered to this dude one time at a PG&E substation. He was sitting in a chair in a room, all alone, looking at meters all day. That’s what I’m talking about :D

      I knew this dude one time that had a mosquito abatement job (Just like the Rancho Costa Nada dude). So he worked a few months out of the year, and saved practically all that he made. So much so that he went out and paid cash for a brand new Toyota pickup. He lived with his parents at the time, but even in the event that he didn’t, the price of that Toyota would have got him a decent piece of land and a nice trailer. He belonged to a religion in which you had to get married in order to get laid, so that ended his life of freedom and leisure.

      Getting ahead and living well is quite obtainable for the average man on an average income. The caveat? You must forgo having a family. Besides, kids are overrated, and it will only be a matter of time before your feminist wife (and don’t bullshit yourself; they all are unless you happened to marry an Amish girl) pulls the eject lever and bails, leaving you as a wage slave to the tune of 18 years per kid, and whatever other property and alimony she gets from you.

    13. In some states, you could have a vasectomy, she cheats on you and gets prego, you still pay for the kid. Don't cohabitate unless you are ready for the Kid Chain. After Baby Momma, I stayed with gals with no plumbing. Stepkids are cheaper.

    14. “Stepkids are cheaper.”

      Probably true overall. Though one of the worst step kids from hell situation that I can think of, happened to a former co-worker of mine. His wife was overweight and unattractive, and the second the ring hit the finger, the sex ended. It has been several years now, but at the time this all went down, it had been 7 years since they were last intimate.

      But the best was yet to come. The step kids saw a huge sucker stenciled on this dude’s forehead, and right about this time they all decided to move back home. I thought it unusual that he would cash his check and carry several hundreds around with him everywhere that he went. Simply put, anything that he had of value, that wasn’t bolted down (his check book, his cash, an SKS rifle that mysteriously disappeared, and anything else of value) would disappear. I never could figure out what it was that he thought that he was getting from that marriage (We’ve already ruled out sex). Last I heard, they were still together, though the kids finally moved out.

    15. I think some people cannot be alone with the thoughts in their head, needing constant outside stimuli. Perhaps that is what a frigid wife provides? Besides being a source of warmth in the winter, since she is fat :)

    16. The mother in law crying at the wedding are tears of joy cause she know's her daughter isn't going to have to give blowjobs any more.

    17. Except to the guy she is cheating on you with, then they are evidently okay. Like when Clint comes visiting Madison County.

    18. Here's a link somewhat related to the brain fog issue. I have a chronic illness and came up with the same analysis on fatigue and its effects. It's an infographic, so don't panic :)

    19. They made it quite easy to grasp. Interesting.

  2. A minor quibble, but poverty does not cause crime, covetousness does.
    Peace out

    1. So, no one ever, anywhere, stole just because they were hungry? Forget our pampered pussy modern asses in the first world. Then you would be correct. But actual, true no relief type poverty.

    2. Poverty of the worst kind (genuine hunger, between opportunity or from disability)is best handled by the Church as charity. There will be much less abuse because of the personal local connection between the giver and recipient. The .gov welfare system is much worse than charity because it fosters a condition of passive dependence as well as a belief that it is not shameful to accept a gift forced unwillingly from the makers (this is a complex notion for folks with an IQ under 85)if the gift comes in the form of a plastic card similar to the ones used by working people. IT'S FREEEEEE -SWIPE YO EEEBEEETEEE!

    3. One thing best not forgotten in our embrace of Limbaugh-like free market for the corporations is this. If you want everyone off welfare, you just doubled the competition for jobs. That translate into falling wages, a la Bitches Lib. Be careful what you wish for as you might get it. Also, a LOT of jobs are had today through government welfare. They are called the military industrial complex. One group is bribed with taxes to work, the other is bribed by taxes to NOT work. Does the taxpayer care, financially ( and I know it is unpayable debt rather than actual tax money-I use that as a shorthand )?